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Anthony Davidson Jerez an excellent course for tests

Anthony Davidson Jerez an excellent course for tests

Former F1 driver and today commentator SkySports told why the so often carry out s" class="posttag">s it is in , although this nish track long-does not accept the .

Question Why s choose sherry

First of all, due to the weather. I always jokingly said that if spent vacations in Europe, it would go in there is always a good weather. When in the rest of Europe it s or s fall, in sun shines. This factor allows to carry out more informative s" class="posttag">s in terms of work with rubber and cooling systems, than, for example, at or at Paul Ricard, where at this time of year is very , even in dry weather.

In addition, this route is heavily loaded rear tires of , there are both left and right turns, whereas in the most right-wing. In General, this is a good route to assess the wear rear tyres.

Question In the calendar is the road characteristics similar to Sherry

Good question Each track is unique, I don't think you can compare circuit in with those that are now in the calendar. This route will be old school, it is different from the built Hermann Tilke. It can be compared with or , if we talk about the naturalness of relief, but perform in Suzuka smoother configuration, and in largely consists of acceleration and deceleration.

Question What s feel behind the wheel

the Riders are pleased to work on tracks such, but the problem is that the s" class="posttag">s in and the you pass by so many circles, that they begin to pall. When referring to the , the first Association is a very serious load.

An excellent course - moderately difficult, demanding the brakes, with interesting combination of rotations, fast and slow sections. In you know that a small mistake can lead to a departure in gravel or impact of the barrier. In addition, the racetrack is located in a beautiful place, and the atmosphere there is always positive - even during the s" class="posttag">s many come to support .

Question What will be the atmosphere in the paddock

Now a very interesting period. We will see the new machine, meet those who have not seen the final last season. All this is a bit like the first of September in school, but with a fair amount of excitement. Everyone wants to understand how a competitive car they built what has been achieved rivals.

Question Who will quickly learn fast new machine or not - riders or guys with a stopwatch in hand on the pit wall

Real time on a circle, you can hide plenty of fuel, but always knows its fast machine or not. I think many do not understand how exactly s such a high level are able to feel the car.

Question How much time will it take

you will Hardly believe it, but at times only one circle to understand a good vehicle or not. I remember in 2004, coming into the pits after the first round of driving a BAR, said to the er «This is a really nice machine». And so it was, the took the second place in the Cup of designers.

Question How to assess the balance of forces those who oversees the s" class="posttag">s

For example, you can watch cars from the podium in the last corner - I repeatedly experienced there the sense of envy at the sight of machines that were able to run with minimal slip. At the end of the week at the fifth corner, when the s had fresh tires and will mimic the becomes clear who brought greater thrust.

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