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Evolution Ferrari 156/85, 1985

Evolution Ferrari 156/85, 1985


History of is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only , who participated in all seasons of the ship, and the first single in racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the .

In anticipation of 1985 in understand that without radical changes impose struggle pilots they will not succeed. Progress smooth modernization160 model 126 C is impossible as it was built in the era when the key parameter of the machine was a ground-effect. So, the layout of implied accommodation turbine and exhaust system from the top, in the center of the letter V, and intake systems - on the sides. Such decision in the early 1980s was the best, so as to respond effectively to organize air flows inside the side pontoons, who created the «effect suckers». The benefit was great enough, and the fact that this arrangement leads to the increase of the centre of gravity of the power plant, to be negligible.

By the mid-1980s to use such schemes have already been pointless, as ground-effect banned. Now all s tried to place the turbines and release as low as possible, and in decided to follow the example of competitors. As a consequence, the air intake system is moved to the top of the machine. This, in turn, led to a complete revision of the design side pontoons, the emergence of a large diffuser with Venturi effect and allowed a completely different organize aerodynamics back of the machine, making it much more efficient.

In addition, the designers managed to significantly improve the cooling of the and , placing radiators under an angle to the longitudinal axis of the machine. Power of the also increased significantly, reaching 800 PS in the racing configuration. The machine also has a new, cross located transmission, which has become more compact and the application of new alloys and more easy. Particularly worthy of note is the fact that it was the first machine built with the use of systems for computer modeling.

Because the new model is fundamentally different from the first, she decided to give it a new name. Traditionally, it had to be from the parameters of the , but they did not undergo significant changes. Therefore, again departed from the volume 1.5 liters, and the number of cylinders 6 of the . However, the resulting index, 156, was already in the early 1960s, and in the model name appeared and current year 156/85.


From the frying pan into the fire. Or almost. After the fiasco of the 1984 in understood that the form of 126 C4, swept-profile side ineffective when using tapered back, similar to the one developed by John Barnard for in 1983. The results of this decision, as we have seen, ed to bring in the season finale of 1984, with 126 C4/M2, but for the complete restoration of had to wait for the new season, which debuted a new machine 156/85.

The machine is based on the same technical principles C4/M2 she sharply tapering in the rear wheel housing, wide cone, updated monocoque and seriously upgraded turbo V6, where the inlet and outlet systems swapped, and now they are also, like other manufacturers of s with supercharging.

The machine is no longer the chief designer still formally he held this office Mauro , but after a frustrating season 1984 he was transferred to another project. Author machines Enzo now describes as «a community of ers».

There are all preconditions for strong performance, and in 1985 surely come back to the fore, and Michele leads the championship for much of the season. Until the decided to replace the turbine.

V6 provided 800 PS in the racing modifications, and in the of its capacity up to 900 HPC., however, this was not always enough to resist , , Brabham, and . Enzo was sure can get from greater productivity, and in addition, the German suppliers of the began cooperation with Porsche their V6 used in the , and went on a surprise move, decided to withdraw from the turbines KKK in favor of the American Garrett. Exemplary reliability 156/85 disappeared like in the sun, and after it disappeared and hope for a world title with Italian pilot.

The results of performances 156/85 in races

On his very first at the opening 1985 in Brazil, 156/85 brought Michele pole. And a collision with prevent him from this race to win - he finished second. However, already at the next stage took the lead in the championship, and remained in this position until the middle of the season. In the first ten races eight times he climbed the podium in two remaining prevent the gatherings.

However, the detachment from the main competitor, Alena is Simple from , was small, and Enzo insisted on modernization of the and the change of a supplier of turbine. The Italian was irritated that the s Porsche had an advantage in power. Besides, in completely groundless, German KKK give his countrymen preference. by the time it was 87 years, to convince him it was impossible. Changes, however, have had disastrous consequences in the last five races of the championship never could get to the finish line, and the title went to Prostu.

In the Cup of designers played another factor Rene Arnoux was dismissed, and his place invited pilot Tyrrell Stefan Johansson. The reasons for this decision were not formally named, but it is believed that the reason was the heavy nature of the Arnoult. But anyway, despite the monstrous amount of drop outs of running mate is Simple, , lost in the Cup of designers just 8 points.


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