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Evolution Ferrari 312 B3, 1973

Evolution Ferrari 312 B3, 1973


History of is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only , who participated in all seasons of the ship, and the first single in racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the .

Year after year, the never managed to win a champion title, failed with the new development - experimental 312 B3 S, which did not come out at the of the - at the end of 1972 led to changes in the design staff. Under the pressure of T, Enzo removed Mauro of Affairs, sending it to the Department of future projects and the development of new machines ed designers T Giacomo and Franco Rocci under the leadership of Alessandro Colombo.

The main goal of the Colombo - implement, finally, the Italian machines coupe monocoque, but such technology in the country is not, so that he or she requests through to the British. In the end, the body is produced in the UK, in Italy machine called «English».160In other cases it is not contained serious innovation, and some of the solutions used frankly outdated. They include the location of the radiator in the bow - designers did so simply because the ing side machine overheated.

It is not surprising that the new machine proved uncompetitive. Not helped even tyres Goodyear, which the used in 1973 instead of Firestone. Seeing the disappointing results of the work of the Turin designers, Enzo again gave carte Blanche to the , and while preparing an updated model of the reduced participation of a in the race and refused performances in and the Netherlands. This, however, did not like jacquie his host, command. The race at the Nurburgring Belgian held for , finishing third.

312 B3

Another technological breakthrough for after the historic transition from link to a rear mounted , dated 1960 - 1973-m is still passed to the monocoque chassis.

For many years, has at its disposal the best , the 12-cylinder boxer, but all these years, its effectiveness is killed weakest performance chassis type «» tubular frame, reinforced panels of aluminum, too heavy and not enough hard.

To fight on equal terms with the British machines, you had to go to the monocoque. And this occurred in 1973, when the designer Sandro Colombo, who Mauro , temporarily removed from cases, s to the British specialist Jonathan Thompson, to create the first real monocoque body for .

On paper the new machine, which received the same name 312 B3, and « blower» have to defeat the new bearing design, good aerodynamics, great potential for development, however, the effectiveness of the made in Britain is simply catastrophic, forcing the to skip a few of the in the middle of the season, 1973, waiting for the updated version 312 B3, this time in version Mauro .

The results of performances 312 B3 in races

In the few , held by the «English», she was no different speed or reliability. If a previous version, 312 B2, won in the first three races of the championship three fourth place, the new model in six only twice enabled to earn points, and her best result was the fifth place ICSA in France.


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