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Evolution Ferrari 312 B3 S, 1972

Evolution Ferrari 312 B3 S, 1972


History of is inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only , who participated in all seasons of the ship, and the first single in racing machine was built for Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with the authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the peculiarities of all the machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the .

In 1972 creates a new machine 312 B3 S, which presents to the public in August. She was to become the prototype of a promising model, B3, which is planned to spend the season 1973, and the «S» in the name of the machine means Sperimentale - «experimental». However, due to the characteristic appearance of the machine this letter immediately receives from other decrypting zzaneve, « blower».

The new machine even outwardly very different from the previous one, using a completely different concept. disclaims trying to make a car maximum streamlined, and tries to provide her with as much downforce. To do this, it creates a wide and short body, and on the front instead of small sets spoilers across the entire width of the machine. Not only do they themselves create downforce, but do not allow a large number of air to fall under the bottom, generating thus, let and rather poorly, ground-effect. The idea, which comes in only a few years later.

However, the design is too crude. After lengthy ing the decided not to stand its , and by 1973, prepare another model, correcting mistakes made when designing the «». Because of this, pilots accounts for the third consecutive year, to a season 312 B2, and the version B3 will be ready only by the fourth .

312 B3 S

Although this model is not performed in any , experimental 312 B3, better known as the « blower», occupies an important place in the history of in . In the framework of this project presented in in August 1972, the command tries to focus as much of the weight of the machine inside its base, and simultaneously lower the centre of gravity.

From this perspective, the model 312 B3 is the opposite 312 B2 used in 1971 and 1972, in which the location of a number of elements radiators, tanks was not optimal, and the center of gravity is rather high.

«» low, broad, square sides, inside there were radiators cooling air which got through two large air duct in front of. Their location in the Central part of the machine, determines the shape of the frame - the still use .

But 312 B3 S was innovative machine not only in the distribution of the masses, but in aerodynamics. Old nose replaced by two broad spoilers, harmonically United in heart. Rear fender not fastened to the tubular frame, and to the .

After the of the press B3 S have sent extensive s" class="posttag">s, as expected, that the car will debut in , where, behind her wheel should sit down Arturo or . However chronometric to match the new and the existing models for the novelty unfavorable too short base made behavior 312 B3 S too nervous, and from using the machine, it was decided to decline.


Winter project -, «the Evolution of cars of on the example of the ».

copy nonf1.ru and Paolo d39'alessio. Managing editor Elmir Valeev.




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