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Hamilton We are waiting for the season with the highest number of variables

Hamilton We are waiting for the season with the highest number of variables

During of the new machine s talked about their expectations from the upcoming season.

«it Was interesting to observe the appearance of the car and its tyres last week at . Looks great machine, very aggressively, and inside contains many interesting solutions. I'm excited for the opportunity to feel a new power unit, to hear its sound from the and compare our results with those of what has been achieved rivals. Expect a season with the highest number of variables in my whole career, which further adds interest.

Ahead of my second season with , now I feel a full member of the , in the past year we have an excellent relationship, but now we again have to learn a lot. On machines used a variety of new solutions, we need to collect a large amount of information to determine the factors that really matter, adjust the style of piloting and change the approach to the development of racing strategy is a very serious challenge.

Winter vacation this year turned out to be very short. Christmas and new year holidays I spent in the mountains, devoting time, ting, and even put a turbo on your mobile to get used to the sensations.

I am glad to see in your car number 44 - I picked it back in karts, because in room road machine father was this figure. Then I became the champion of great Britain, since this is our family number. Keeping your fingers crossed, hope it will bring me luck».

Rosberg «After a short first run, held last Friday at , I'm excited for the opportunity to fully evaluate the capabilities of the vehicle. Given the emergence of many new technologies, the year will be difficult, but it will help make our sport is really modern. Efficient use of fuel, the use of hybrid technology is a step in the right direction, which will make the race more interesting.

After completion , which took place in December last year in " class="posttag">Bah, I'm just a month and got behind the wheel, and it's great - I can immediately continue. Before the of the season we are going to have three series of s" class="posttag">s, time is limited - to perform a large amount of work to prepare for the of the championship and verify the reliability of the machine. I feel that we are in good shape, but all are expecting a difficult period and I was lucky because of me this great . I am sure that we have coped well with their work.

This year I have developed a new helmet design, and I will appear on the machine with the number 6. In winter, father wrote me a letter said that he was number six - happy, but I am not convinced. Then my fiancee has told, that she is a lucky number, and after I remembered that in 2002, he was a champion Formula on the machine with the number 6. I hope this will help me».




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