2014-01-28 17:54:03

Newey concerned about the problems with security

Newey concerned about the problems with security

At the meeting with after the of the new machine head of the technical Department of the Adrian Newey critical has responded about changes in . Briton believes that the measures aimed at enhancing the safety, may have the opposite effect.

Adrian Newey «the Rules have changed after the research, when it was decided that a decrease in the height of the nose fairing will reduce the risk of take-off machine into the air when an accident, as happened a few years ago with mark Webber does when it hit the back of the machine Heikki in . Frankly, I am concerned and I think that now the consequences can be even worse. Now when the accident due to the low nose fairing machine can «about to plunge» under the rear safety structure, and it is much the worst scenario.

Extremely sad when disfigures machines, as happened with some of the people that we saw in the s. I believe that the appearance of machines and the sound of a - are the terms of unique magic , which is dissolved, if the machines are no longer attractive.

Under the new rules, battery ERS should be located below the fuel tank, and I don't understand why this is better than placing them behind the . It should be noted that it is unusual to us technology. The Boeing company had been experiencing a true nightmare with batteries on the Dreamliner could not solve the problem.

In the event of a strike the batteries can quickly heat up, predict their behavior is very difficult, as it will be difficult to cope with the fire, if as a result of fire the fire. In addition, the high voltage direct current is much more dangerous than the variable, so that security issues during the operation of these batteries will be a great challenge for the pit lane».




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