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Presentation of new machines Caterham CT05

Presentation of new machines Caterham CT05

Presentation of a new car Caterham was quick. The invited at 845, but then apologized to prepare the machine to that time failed. In the end, Caterham CT05 appeared on for a couple of hours before the end of the first day of the s" class="posttag">s, and the press got surround release quotes management .

Machine has a very recognizable, due to original shape of the nose fairing - when it became known that will leave the boxes behind the wheel CT05, came out of the press center to look at the decision ers Caterham - it turned out to be a very interesting the site consists of several planes and ends coming down the cone.

Caterham CT05 - the first machine , developed entirely at its new base in , it has the power unit and transmission, developed by Technology.

Cyril , the head of the «Presentation of the new CT05 together with and Marcus Ericsson is a source of pride for me and the whole , after all, and , and Caterham in are entering a new era. Our shareholders and s have made significant investments in people and infrastructure in , now we are much closer to the s that are ahead of us, and this year there is no reason to make this progress has not affected the results.

We believe that CT05 is a good ing point for work on the new rules and related problems, in particular, in terms of reliability. In a lot of talented people who worked hard to get out of the car and each of them played a role in helping us to achieve our goals. Of course, we will not know what the balance of power, until the first race, but we believe that we managed to respond to the challenge posed by the new rules, as effectively as they could.

We also have a very good reason for a positive attitude about the development of the machine during the season. Due to our relocation in in the "Valley of " and effective plan of recruitment, we now have a good combination of experience and young talents. In addition, we work in the wind tunnel in Cologne, where the model 60 of scale, and this is a significant improvement compared to our previous pipe and another proof of how serious we are achieving real success this year. In addition, we expanded our ship with Dell/Intel, which among other things gives us great opportunities for working with CFD, the critical part of our design tools, especially given the changes in the rules governing the use of the wind tunnel in .

Our technical s F1 Sport and Technology, have won four of the last ship. We understand that we can't really compete with the best s, but there is no reason that would prevent us do better than in previous years. We have great experience of cooperation with and , which will be important this year. In will play a key role reliability and energy management, especially at the beginning of the season so close contacts with these organizations, which ed in , will certainly help.

Driving our cars in will be - rider, representing the perfect combination of experience, speed and passion, as well as , star that we have a chance in the . In it will debut in , and we are confident that he will step up in an equally quiet and fast manner that demonstrated throughout his career.

Help Kamui and Marcus develop the vehicle during the year will be Robin and , which this season will be our reserve pilots. Robin undoubted talent, and we are pleased that he will be able to prepare well for the debut in the . Alexander cooperates with the from , we were witnesses to his rapid progress. Now he has a real chance to compete for the title in and continue its development in in the framework of the weekends, not coincident with the stages of , as well as on the simulator».

Smith, technical Director «Despite of the serious changes in the rules, our approach to developing quite a bit different from the usual - we have sought to achieve maximum aerodynamic and mechanical efficiency within the requirements of the . Special attention was paid to reduction of weight and ensure the reliability of this factor will be the key, therefore, we chose a very conservative approach in the matters related to propulsion systems cooling, exhaust, for temperature control, etc.

Are widely discussed solutions ers s in the front of the vehicle - in this field, we focus on the optimization of the air flows around the nose fairing, the front of the chassis and wing smaller widths in accordance with the provisions of the . The aerodynamic kit, which we s" class="posttag">s in no case is the final version - work in the wind tunnel continues.

Change height of the front of the chassis forcing us to use thrust instead pushers in the front suspension is the most efficient solution in terms of aerodynamics and mechanics. Other important factors - arrangement of radiators of cooling systems in the side pontoons and an attempt to compensate for the loss of clamping force in the rear of the machine because of the ban on use of energy of exhaust gases - faced it all commands and in the course of the season we will see serious progress in this area».




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