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Sebastian Vettel apparently, it was not so much lost

Sebastian Vettel apparently, it was not so much lost

In the first day of ing in had driven only three rounds, but not his time. Summing up the session in a group , German stated that he expected more, but optimistic.

Question Sebastian, I guess I better drive than to go back on .

I spoke longer than went on the highway

Question but still, what are your impressions about the car Have you succeeded in gathering any information

No, because I had driven only three circles. I could not work on all day for reasons that we now analyze. Solution to the problems of took more time than we expected. However, if we estimate the number of laps other s, we are not so much lost. Today we all had problems. We had to just try out the machine to warm up all system. I still have not developed a clear understanding of its behavior.

Question how are you , observing Looking at competitors ' cars, tried to find out more information

Opponents rarely traveled on the route, so I don't have much seen. Although I had driven some distance, there is so much to analyze. Change this year is significant, therefore, it is important to take advantage of the situation.


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