2014-02-19 16:34:02

GP2 Russian Pilots Time became Evans and Markelov

GP2 Russian Pilots Time became Evans and Markelov

After the death of the head of the Russian Time Igor Mazepa, as well as the subsequent parting with s from the Motorpark, there were that the may withdraw from the performance series and and cease to exist. Now, however, the good news Russian Time announced the composition of the pilots in the series in . In the new season for Russian will play Mitch Evans and Artem Markelov.

Mitch Evans is considered one of the most promising young drivers. In and , he twice won the new Zealand championship Series, and in -m became the champion . Last season 19-year-old new Zealander held in , speaking for , four times came to the podium and took 14th place in the championship.

For Artem Markelov coming season in will debut. In , he became the Vice-champion of the German Formula 3, losing only . 19-year old Russian already got behind the wheel of Russian machine Time for the post-season s" class="posttag">s series in Abu Dhabi, having worked on all three days.

Also, the said on cooperation with the company iSport International, which led to the championship title in the series in 2007.




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