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In Moscow have passed the first laps of the Race of Stars

In Moscow have passed the first laps of the Race of Stars

At the Hippodrome today runs the of Stars "za Rulem". Due to the unusually warm weather in the , the organizers had to change the format of the preliminary rounds. The was given to the participants separately with a short interval, to exclude the contact fight. The final pilots demonstrated the best time.

Layout has changed, too instead of the traditional the oval appeared plastic blocks, denoting the contours of the road, and to limit the speed, at the end of the line were exhibited . Each touching the curb punished 5-second penalty, which has made in the course of the races more intrigue.

In the first race showed the best time, -Kama-Euro" albert Gainullin Honda Civic, but after a time all participants were added penalties for contact with and strikers, the best was the cross champion of Russia Sergey Zagumennov on "Lada Kalina".

The second run several times interrupted when the s churned blocks - configuration had to recover it again. In the end, the winner was announced by the Vice-champion of Russia on track racing Evgeniy Aksakov.

After the end of the two first races took place parallel race between the and the best Russian driver year by the magazine "za Rulem", twice champion of Europe rally cross Timur on Duster. After a few rounds, a confident victory won by .

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