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Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Jacques Villeneuve will return to the place of the sports glory of the father

Upcoming debut in the ship on rally-cross is notable for the fact that one of the stages of the season will be held in the canadian city of Trois-Rivieres, went down in the history of racing as it began thank Gilles Villeneuve.

In the middle 70-ies on the streets of this city was the stages of the canadian national Championships, and in 1973 Gilles Villeneuve made his debut in Formula Ford 1600, ing his career in racing at once with a victory, although it was a machine two years ago, and the race was held under a torrential . Witnesses of the first performances of the future legend of were amazed by the incredible style of piloting, which is demonstrated by Gilles. It should be noted that prior to this he succeeded in mobile races, and this is partly affected the manner of driving it took turns in a controlled drift.

After the first success in Formula Ford in 1974 Villeneuve moved in Formula Atlantic, but in that year the street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, he was not lucky he is not the best s held, after which got involved in the incident that happened at the first lap of the race.

In 1975 he was preparing his car to race in Trois-Rivieres, although compete with the pilots had to play in s with big s. However, in the showed the third result, losing only to the s of Jean-Pierre and Patrick in those years was a tradition to invite to European stars of .

Gilles overtook already at the and for many circles rode on the second position, while in his car, not brakes failed. But his fearlessness and racing talent did not go unnoticed in the next season Villeneuve were ready to invite the best s in Formula Atlantic. Gilles chose'ecurie and was not mistaken, for he soon began to win almost all the races in a row.

If in he was very popular in Europe almost nobody knew. But it so happened that at the end of the season on a street circuit in Trois-Rivieres, there was held traditional race of the Formula Atlantic, which have attended several contemporary stars of , in particular, James hunt, then it's five minutes champion of the world, and Patrick . Both were invited to speak on the machines 'ecurie , i.e. they became companions of Villeneuve.

Hunt provided a completely new chassis, and he was somewhat surprised when at the end of the first ting of the lost canadian least half a second. The next day the hunt went faster, adapting to the car, however, the lag from Gilles only increased. The s of and tried to catch up with Villeneuve, but he was inaccessible - speed seemed incredible. Of course, Gilles won Tu street race, at the same time still ahead and , who was later to become one of his rivals in the championship of the world.

Hunt, back in England, said in a about canadian nugget, and the in 1977 offered him a job backup . That season was held sensational debut Gilles Villeneuve in the British , held at , driving last year's machine M23 he almost finished 4th, if not a technical problem. In any case, Gilles Villeneuve was already on the threshold of world popularity.

It remains to recall that in 1977 Jacques was eight. Two decades later, he would continue the glory of the father in will become the champion of the world.




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