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Evolution Ferrari F138, 2013

Evolution Ferrari F138, 2013


History inseparably linked with the history of Formula1601 is the only , who participated in all seasons of the ship, and the first single-seater racing car in was built for a Formula1601.

In the traditional winter historical project, together with an authoritative Italian expert, author of books about the history of Paolo D'alessio, we decided to tell to the readers nonf1.ru about the features of all machines , showing them the example of the evolution of the .

In , decided to unite in the name of their machines year and the number of cylinders of the , to mark the last season aspirated eight-cylinder s - new model was named F138.

As with the other top s, divided d headquarters into two groups, one was doing a project in , and the other , as the new 6-cylinder turbo and system ERS required extensive ering resources. In , before the introduction of the new , the rules have not changed almost, which allowed the designers to be limited to the modernization of last year's car.

Refinement were, first of all, aerodynamics, which for several years was the weak link in the because of the incorrect calibration of the wind tunnel in . While have upgraded a pipe, the Scuderia blowing machine in Cologne based that brought its fruits. Conceptual aerodynamics of the car remained the same, the ers made a lot of small changes to make sites and systems to work properly. Was updated to the air intake of the , configuration, front and rear spoiler, optimized system DRS. Cooling system remained the same, but changed side pontoons. In addition, once again improved brake system. Great attention was paid to reduction in the weight and increase the rigidity of the structure.

An important element of steel tyres . Response to the request of the to ensure the tactics of three to four pit-stops, Italian tyre workers created compositions, rapidly decaying during the race. This decision had a number of negative consequences first, the s, it was difficult to get the tyres to work effectively, because the performance range has been very narrow. Secondly, on highways they were insecure that became apparent at where once at the several pilots exploded bus.

Trying to solve the problem, returned to last year's tire design, with Kevlar cord instead of steel. This affected the balance of forces had changed, and serious progress has allowed them to dominate in the championship - has won nine races in a row, destroying any hints on the fight for the title.


The third place in the Cup of designers, behind and , of course, cannot be considered a good result for the , which, after winning Alonso in , had hoped to compete for the title with F138. But ambitions in melted like in the sun, and not only because of the transition with tires with steel cord in a Kevlar the Scuderia again demonstrated the weakness in the finalization of the machine during the season in conditions when there is no opportunity to try it. The s" class="posttag">s were banned, circles along replaced with computer simulators, and were in crisis.

In addition, some of the decisions made in recent years have led to consequences, which can be called catastrophic. For example, dismissal , who was replaced Pat Frye. And indeed, the entire aerodynamic sector disappointed in recent seasons forced to catch up with , offering an impressive number of news to catch up to machines Adrian Newey, F138 earned only a small part of them, while almost all updates has resulted in progress.

With the machine, which is well-season begins, but does not progress during the championship, to set high goals impossible. Fortunately, ing in , 8-cylinder, 2.4-liter s, sophisticated aerodynamics rear of the machine and the use of exhaust to increase the clamping force retired, with the return of turbo will be able to from scratch. Including the fight for the title, interrupted in with the F is the last car of , who won the Cup of designers.

The results of performances F138 in races

In the beginning of the season, it seemed that the opponents are about equal, and after two victories in the first five of the season, the niard looked contender for the title. However, during the championship, it results gradually fell, and by the end of the season, has yielded not only , but . Alonso, however, once again been able to become Vice-champion, but lost while Vettel catastrophic 155 points.


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Winter project -, «the Evolution of cars of , for example, ».

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