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Interview readers Daniel Quat

Interview readers Daniel Quat

nonf1.ru continues launched last year a series of s in which questions are asked by our readers. One of the main events for the Russian this year - the appearance of the grid cveta. The first race of the 19-year-old utimco Formula one behind him he has already managed to win their first points and write a record.

Interviews with answers to readers ' questions, was held on Friday evening in , when was only preparing to debut race.

Question Artem, Chelyabinsk Daniil, good day Vettel says was nervous before any and cannot fall asleep. And are you sleeping well before races

Quat Today we had a free check - in-slept well, seven and a half hours. Before the first s" class="posttag">s on the had not slept much, but if we talk about race in last year, everything was fine.

Question Dmitry, Kotelniki My son is your namesake. What advice you would give it to him, of those that have given you the father

Quat My father always believed in me, always know that I can achieve my goals. I think this is the best thing a father can do.

Question Sergey, what car for the whole history of would you like to take a ride, if you had the chance

Quat , which Vettel won the first title. I think it was a very fast machine.

Question Ilya, Dnepropetrovsk Daniel, do you like to play racing games If Yes, what you played, or played so far

Quat No, I just do not have time for them.

Question Alexander, Saint-Petersburg, Russia are There any sport except , which periodically you follow Who are ill

Quat one that constantly for some sport watched - not. But when was the Olympics, watching hockey. Can watch tennis, finals of big tournaments. Naturally, big matches too watch. In General, if you love to look like other athletes are under pressure.

Question Vladislav, How do you feel about If possible, will play for the national of pilots

Quat Play - Yes, with pleasure I play. I like that better than watching. The players have high regard. Because from the physical point of view of the players just incredibly hardy 90 minutes to run on the field with such jerks is worthy of respect. But, I think in now, sometimes you can win the game if you're just well stimuliruet.

Question Misha, Kopeisk Danja Hello I'm from Bashkiria, glad countryman was able to break in and is not complacent. How often do you visit the house and what's your favorite place in Ufa

Quat In Ufa was not long ago, about a year. Just a very little time. Sometimes the best available two weeks to dedicate physical ting or a little to recharge the batteries. Now in this is even more critical. The most favorite place in Ufa Park Mayakovsky.

Question Rafael Abdullin, Sibay, Bashkortostan Daniil, the first thing I want to congratulate you with what you were in , I never thought that my fellow will participate in the most prestigious races in the world The question is will the graph session in Ufa If it is, when and in what format

Quat I hope that somehow we will be able to organize a demonstration races in Ufa. I very much would like it.

Question Andrew, Uke Some famous pilots of before the race wore underwear lucky, some "good luck" I sat in the exclusively with one hand. Do you have a racing superstitions

Quat I sit in the on the left side. About underwear - let's leave this topic without comments laughs.

Question Nikita, Samara What you like to do during long flights

Quat My very long flight was just here, in . Read the book of Sergey Dovlatov. Continue to read here. Otherwise, everything is as usual watch movies, listen to music, which is injected before the flight, sleep.

Question Paul, Tver In your opinion, is it always the champion became the strongest

Quat Yes.

Question Alexander, 160 When you sit behind the wheel of a racing car, the last time was really scared

Quat 't remember When exactly. When I ed out in karting, even, sometimes, sometimes, Yes - it was a fear. This is a very serious obstacle. It is better to relax, to accept the fact that there is a risk that something might happen. But not to fear.

Question Vadim, Izhevsk How many magnets in your fridge

Quat A Lot. About twenty. The most exotic, probably, from Brazil.

Question Alexander Duk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur let us assume that in the , a tradition, as in Boxing, when the athletes go into the ring to the music. That would sound with your appearance

Quat 't Even know. Something from Metallica or Queen.

Question Artem, Volgograd You give the impression is very positive, self-confident person. is a constant pressure, and the is a completely different song. Can you share a recipe, how do you keep a positive attitude at the moments when everything goes wrong

Quat I think many at some stage career is a " turning point. One of these was in my last year. I remember how bad it all began, but how well finally ended. The memory of a good again helps to find motivation gives emotions. If something goes wrong, I just remember that I've also had some problems, sometimes very serious. But I know that if I will not throw up their hands and I will work hard, as then all the necessary work.

Question Alexei, Krasnodar please Remember the first you won the race.

Quat It was in Sochi. My first race in a career in karting, . I won its first race in karting. This is just one of those moments that nice to remember the difficult times.

Question Yuri, is different politkorrektnost. Probably, as an Annex to the have 500 pages, where it is written, what is the question what to answer Whether you warn work with the press in the Junior formulae, or all intuitively, from their mistakes

Quat Honestly, I used to read a lot other pilots. I think you can always something to look to discern for themselves.

In the 's nothing about it. Naturally, there are some suggestions that need to be expressed correctly in the first place, when talking about the . I think that's OK. Because all employees work a lot, it is not always evident. It would be silly to criticize it. But, of course, sometimes the emotions that sometimes.

Question Pavel, Why did you decide to change the design of the helmet

Quat I Have the same design, only the color has changed. I like to play with colors.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk, Russia will You use a special helmet coloration of Russia in this year

Quat Yes, of course. In mind some idea of what I want. But with the designer haven't discussed yet.

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