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Kamui Kobayashi I have achieved the target and proud of it

Kamui Kobayashi I have achieved the target and proud of it

After a season in races of endurance in the composition of the returned to , signing a with Caterham. In an with Windsor Japanese spoke about his , work with a new and life in .

Question I am glad you are back When you left , Japanese had a great amount you to stay in , but believe me, in Europe you are also supporting.

I appreciate the support from the and glad to be back. I've worked hard to attract , but actually in Japan is rather difficult situation. However, things began to change for the better, when Honda announced his return to . I am happy to get a . It's great.

Question You brilliantly held the of Japan in , but then missed the season. How have you coped with it

Stay was extremely difficult, I tried to find another , but was too late to take some action. Why am I here now I gave up and focus on returning to . Despite the pass of the season, I still motivated, moreover, I am much more focused on success, than in the end of . I enjoy the moment and looking forward to the of the season.

Question Your gathered a lot of money

Fans have created a special website and gathered around 8 million euros. But now the course yen laughs. I am very grateful to the and I am glad to return to It seems to me, such a was not yet. I have achieved the target and proud of it.

Question I Suspect that many would like to see what the tattoo on your hand

It's not someone's birthday, and non of my machines in , and .

Question What number you have selected this year

I chose the number ten - I made his debut in driving the car with this number, replacing 's . Then I participated in a two , but still decided to play under number ten. This number has brought me luck.

Question In , when we were with , you criticized the circuit in Singapore. has become the most politically correct, but there are people who are not afraid to Express your opinion.

I always try to be myself and maximum hard, so that interested. I understand that many will consider certain things insane, but I think this is a great plus. I'm not here for the reckless actions - I work with the and try to give everything to achieve good results. I have much to do outside , and the new season will be more complicated than the previous.

Question You and , are able to bring the car to the garage, even if she had three wheels and half of the front wing. Maybe this year you have to do it quite often.

I don't think so. Of course, the new machine is much more difficult now refused if one sensor, it is difficult to continue the struggle. If we talk about Caterham, for our , much has changed, but we still strive to fight against stronger opponents. We are here for the sake of it, but the results are largely dependent upon the effectiveness of the machine. It is necessary that s were laid more driving and fought with his rivals - this is exactly what the . I hope I will succeed.

Question and Caterham - interesting Union. Do you know where is the eponymous town

I would not say that the base of the is a real city. Last time I was there two or three weeks ago worked on the simulator. Several days of heavy , and on the way in Lipid I was in for a real flood. I'm afraid that can't get to.

Question You talk about the Caterham, I'm talking about a town in Surrey, for whom it is named command. Have you ever been there There Caterham build a machine in 1967.

I didn't know about it.

Question You piloted road machines Caterham

not Yet, but I'm going to do it in the near future.

Question I Assume they are very popular in Japan.

Say, Japan is ranked second for Caterham.

Question and imagine you are driving Caterham on the streets of Tokyo.

These machines are great for Japan. Locals love cars, but mostly classic. Caterham is not like a classic car ,but great Japanese mentality.

Question Tell me about last season. How long have you been on Did you like the experience of performances in races of endurance behind the wheel of a

I enjoyed it. This championship seriously differs from the , but I'm glad to share the machine with a . Tony Wilander is a great guy. I never used to be with him not worked, but perfectly spent time.

In races of endurance completely different machine, but I would have liked for them to chase. I think we have achieved some good results.

Question you had The opportunity to reveal their potential in the pre-season s" class="posttag">s, or you are focusing only on the machine

we have a lot Of work. The latter s" class="posttag">s in " class="posttag">Bah were not as successful as the first, but we've made progress. We need time, but I think we can handle it.

Question how do you feel vpervye driving on the highway driving Caterham

I thought «it's Great to be back in the race» I was comfortable behind the wheel. But from the machine I expected completely different.

Question has It changed for better or worse

No, I am saying that this is a whole new challenge. Not to say that the car has become better or worse, because we are only at the beginning and at this stage it is difficult to pilot any car. As soon as I adapt, feelings change. That's what s" class="posttag">s. Well, that direct machine faster than last year, but you have to work on increase of the pressing forces, in order to achieve a better grip in cornering.

Question you Have a problem with slip


Question do You like it

This is a very complex aspect of piloting. You need to explain ers, why it happened, how did this situation and what you feel. For me it is new, so it's difficult to comment on the behavior of the machine. Work with ers also has changed, this has to learn.

You can't just say we need to improve the efficiency of the machine on acceleration - you should explain what you mean, and that's not easy when you have so much new systems.

Question What do you think about the life in Monte Carlo

She is very balanced. The most important for me calm. Should I keep fit, constantly t. This year it is especially important to control your weight.

Question You're in good shape.

Yes, I lost four pounds. I'm fit and happy with my weight, but I continue to t. In well, there I can really concentrate on myself.

Question You t yourself or you need a coach

I myself deal. In is quite a long season, I know what you must do.

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