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Timo Glock this year's Champions will be a Mercedes

Timo Glock this year's Champions will be a Mercedes

In an with the German website of T-Online's former F1 driver has summed up the results of s" class="posttag">s and told about their expectations from the new season. According to the pilot, changes in happened not at the most suitable time and turned not only new costs related to new power plants, but also problems for many s.

Question Changes in the , the new - all s with zero. Obviously, this did not bring good luck and they faced numerous problems on the s" class="posttag">s. There is a risk that they will fail the beginning of the season

First of all, we must wait. It's not the best way, and until the beginning of the season there will be no more s" class="posttag">s, where they could resolve the problem. However, is an experienced , knowing exactly what it is necessary to work.

Question last year, dominated, and now was far behind.

Vettel need to remain calm, because panic, nothing will. Furthermore, he has to think it over.

Test-all commands are faced with problems. There is hardly a driver who would be the calm before the of the season, even if your first experience with the new machine was good. There is a lot to , and can happen anywhere.

Question the Main problems of associated with .

Yes. Hybrid and new electronics is a rather complex system. Obviously, problems with the configuration of all components and their interaction. In winter, , and better job.

Question the Situation is aggravated by the fact that Adrian Newey suggested a very aggressive approach to the development of the new machine, but this is constantly pursued problems with the cooling system.

Projects Newey always on the brink. He already had a machine that could not finish the race. Still, however, in most cases, he acted properly, so much he created machines became the champion. Perhaps the problem with overheating surprised him. In essence, ers know beforehand how much cooling you want the system. It is quite possible that made a mistake when working on the simulator.

Question What can you do to for the remainder of the season time

In fact, not so much. They gathered some information and must be examined in order to understand the situation.

Question In General, this is not the best situation for . Whether to keep the title this year

actually, despite the problems, the is always among the favourites. Not by chance, she won four titles in a row, and the opponents also admit this. However, Vettel will not be easy. I think that this year's Champions will be a .

Question What are the chances Rosberg win the title Can he become the

Yes. After winning three races, Rosberg has shown that they can win. Its role will play a new turbo and a new restriction on the quantity of fuel to 100 kg on the distance of the race. Niko well all calculates, while his mate uses a more aggressive driving style.

Question You mentioned the new s. The so-called power plant is one of the novelties of this season. Is it possible to draw any conclusions on pre-season s" class="posttag">s

Clearly the following most commands do not know what position, what results have been achieved rivals, because each focused on their own problems. This is primarily important to ensure the stable operation of the machine. The main thing is to reach the finish. This is the motto of the first race of the season. A small got a chance to succeed, because it is obvious that the incidents cannot be avoided.

Question let's briefly talk about numerous innovations. The machine became more difficult changed the sound of the . How do you think the has chosen the right path

the New , of course, not benefited the . All power installation is very vulnerable, so it would be better to leave it as is. The project costs and the s" class="posttag">s were too high, but the makers whatever it wanted to acquire new technology. Now we need to extract the maximum benefit from this situation.

Question New machines are slower than their predecessors.

I see no problems with this. The audience is not that exciting, chaise machine for 2 seconds slower or faster. In the end, the race and the show is the main thing. Everything else is secondary.

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