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In Sepang expect to prolong the contract on the organisation of the race

In Sepang expect to prolong the contract on the organisation of the race

Speaking at the of the n stage of the championship Superbike championship, Executive Director of a race in Sepang Dato Ruslan Razali has told about the plans to extend the on carrying out of racing. The current expires in , but the with the has already come.

Dato Ruslan Razali "We got the green light from the government to with the management of and is already dealing with this issue. We are scheduled to meet in , during which they will discuss this topic.

Of course, you need to consider many factors, one of which is the amount of payment for the race. Other topics also matter, including the direction in which to move the in the next five years. In addition, there are issues with the sound, because now there are many talks about how to make the race more spectacular and return a loud sound. You must consider all these factors if we want to renew the , which expires in .

People may be interested in just because of the sound of the s. I am not sure how much of the audience interested in the technical side of things. If you get to the fan and begin to tell him that the car of the is equipped with a hybrid power plant, whether it would be interested I'm not sure. People need sight and sound. Until we see a spectacular race, such as those that have already passed this year, and it helps to smooth out the problem with the sound of the s.

I believe that the European public is more fanatical and prone to harsh judgments, so the real a is waiting in . After the of in we will see the reaction of the on all changes".

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