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Memory check Kamui Kobayashi

Memory check Kamui Kobayashi

The pilots of are renowned for their art of racing cars and physical ting, but as they have with memory Official site of the championship decided to find out, and this year it publishes a series of s with drivers who will help to know them better. Today on the queue .

Question Who was your first idol when you were a child

None I had no idols when I was a child.

Question What is the first you looked

the First race that I looked alive, was the in Italy when I was 15. I went to the at the weekend, and it was the first race of the that I saw.

Question How old were you when you first decide that you want to be an F1 driver

I wanted to become a , even when I was little, but I can't remember when he wanted to play in the .

Question What color was your first helmet


Question When you won their first trophy in the race, and on what was that like

It was in my first race in karting. I can't remember what it was like, but the height he was about 30 cm

Question What was your first car

. Model't remember, but it was certainly .

Question Where was your first house

It was my parents ' house in Amagasaki.

Question You are very nervous when I first ed school

I'm not very nervous until next to me sat a girl - then I was nervous

Question What was the first dish, which you have prepared

Probably, something from eggs, but I'm not too sure.

Question What are you the first thing I did this morning

Checked my phone - I always do.

Question What is the first thing you did after he got a job in

I got on the plane I was in Japan, and I got a call from , and said that , possibly, will not , due to the of Brazil, so I had as soon as possible to fly to Sao Paulo

Question What was the first you bought a music CD

Probably something Japanese.

Question What kind of sport in childhood do you do first

Swimming, that's for sure

Question When you first kissed

I was 11. I had a friend in school, but after we kissed, we never, no more with each other not talking

Question When you first asked for an graph

In karting, I was 12 or 13.

Question When you first tried champagne

I Think it happened when I was 10 years old, after the victory in karting.

Question What will you eat the first - fruit, or a piece of chocolate

Fruit. No, chocolate No, the fruit And then, and more laughs

Question When you were a kid, what word you said the first

Ha I have no idea

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