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Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

Nick Wirth recalls of Roland Ratzenberger

This week's world remembers not only the great , but Roland Ratzenberger, whose life ended 20 years ago on that fateful weekend in Imola.

In 1994, 33-year-old Austrian pilot signed a for five races with Simtek, a new of , the founder, owner and technical Director of which was , later technical Director of the . Wirth told Sky Sports memories about your first meeting with Ratzeburger.

"I will never forget our first meeting, when Roland first came to the base Simtek in Banbury. I lived in a small village close to . 't remember how or why it happened, but he was called to throw me home. It turned out that he came to our office on one of the smallest cars which could be rented he was the size of a Fiat 500, maybe it was a Ford Fiesta with the volume of 1 litre.

All who live in those places, know the road that leads from Banbury to . And we raced along this road with insane speed, perhaps a little breaking the rules. And there, at the end of a long straight section, there is an eerie right turn is the one who did understand what I mean. Now there is established a to control the speed regime.

And when we're at full speed approached the place, I warned him Roland, be careful, this is a very tricky turn. And he just looked at me with his special opinion, which I even had time to get used to. And we have overcome this turn, did not reduce speed, flying into the oncoming lane, on this small Ford. Anyone who has tried to do the same, clearly, would not be able to stay on the road and would be in a ditch in an upside-down car. Before my eyes managed to zip all my life, but somehow Roland moved out, using and the curb, and the side - in my memory it was the most incredible example of skilful driving.

And when he came out of this turning on his face shone with a wide smile, but I was white as . But that case I will remember for a lifetime. Although it is clear that Ford Fiesta - not the machine of , I thought, this guy knows something about the art of driving"




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