2014-05-01 18:04:02

Coulthard and Riccardo appeared on the show in Budapest

Coulthard and Riccardo appeared on the show in Budapest

In the centre of Budapest today passes air and show with the participation of well-known pilots and drivers, in particular, Riccardo and Coulthard driving demonstration machines . For the first time such a show was held in a year ago, and has now become traditional.

In the morning, the program opened a big Airshow. Residents of the capital could see performances of aerobatic sport Besheniy, the winner of a series of Avignon Air . Demonstrated their skills and five-time winner of records of Guinness world Zoltan Veres. The saw the flight of a number of aircraft, including heavy bomber B-52, the fighter of world war II scheme of F4U Corsair, helicopters Bell Cobra and Mi-2 and others.

In the second half of the day on padded along the embankments of the river Danube in the centre of Budapest route went s. Riccardo and Coulthard driving demo version of a car RB7. Another former F1 driver , held a demonstration race car .

Besides, the audience will perform pilots WTCC Thiago Monteiro Honda, , Gianni Morbidelli Chevrolet, Mikhail Kozlovsky Lada Granta and the other pilots, as well as Hungarian series Auto GP Talmacsi . Will finish the program of record for jumping from the stratosphere Felix Baumgartner, who will manage the helicopter Bo 105, and another series of speeches Riccardo and Coulthard.




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