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DTM Rain race was won by Vitores, Petrov - 17th

DTM Rain race was won by Vitores, Petrov - 17th

The second stage of the season body championship was held at the German highway in Marienburg, the distinctive characteristics of which are relatively short range, lots of turns and narrow asphalt road.

By the of it was drizzling , but most of the pilots went on slicks, including Petrov, who ed the race with the 22nd position. On Saturday he showed 23rd result, but after the dis of the winner of the pole, Miguel Molina, moved up one position.

Already in the first circles, the intensified, riders went into the pits for rubber, and the situation on changed with kaleidoscopic rapidity. On the slippery asphalt machine kept not the best, but the struggle around the peloton was very sharp, which led to numerous contacts. Already in the first phase of the race on the route traveled twice car security, to be able to safely evacuate taken off the machine, and after the second re became the top-Adrian Tamba, the Audi driver.

Petrov was leading the race gently, trying not to make mistakes, but used the misses the opponents and to the 19-th circle was mixed on 17 th place. However, he, too, no luck machine Juncadella, his for , suddenly veered across the road, was unable to avoid contact, then his car was slightly damaged. Juncadella soon came down, but the Russian pilot was able to continue the fight and ran circles with almost the same speed.

To 24-circle was riding on the 14th, and, once the best s , somebody came from the distance, someone went in the boxes for fresh rubber. At the same time in the race's leaders came Jamie green, representative of Audi, gradually by growing speed.

After departure Pascal Verlaine on the road again, for the third time, he went safety car - by this time Petrov climbed to the 12th position. After re green immediately went away, and had 11-m But mandatory pit stops continued, while Petrov rubber while I was allowed to stay on , so at some point he was 9 However, he also had to go to the pit stop, then Russian went to the 18-th position.

On a wet road speeds were not too high, in addition, the race has been suspended several times, so the number of circles was reduced from 51 to 44 to fit in the allotted time limit in 1 hour and 15 minutes. To the final stage of the race leaders suddenly came pilot Christian Vitores ed to tyres and competently built tactics is not in vain in the Stuttgart hoped for . To the finish with him desperately fought Audi Mike Rockenfeller, but ahead of Vitoria he failed. finished 4th, securing the success of the . Here it is appropriate to remind that at the first stage of the season s failed to score any points.

Petrov eventually took 17 th place, which, of course, very important because while the main thing for him is to gain experience, and each lap around in combat worth it.

The third stage of the season will take place in two weeks at the Hungaroring, on the road which Petrov perfectly knows what's going to help him to act more confidently.




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