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Helmut Marko With engines, we will decide in Austria

Helmut Marko With engines, we will decide in Austria

In an -Total adviser said about the s, the situation with the pilots, At the and the upcoming race in Austria.

Question are You surprised that Riccardo often ahead of

We are surprised at how quickly adapted. He didn't make any mistakes, ing with the of , very calmly and confidently holds the race. But it should be noted that Vettel pursue a technical problem that does not allow to assess the balance of forces. However, in in Sebastian drove the fas lap of the race if he feels comfortable driving and trusts machine, capable of much. This does not mean that it necessarily will dominate, but the struggle will become more dense.

Question How Sebastian cope with the new situation

We have experienced serious disappointment in the very first s" class="posttag">s. The new is not so demanding riders, as it was before, he had to find a way, but this weekend, in , it is far more efficiently worked with the settings in ting.

Question You said that is not so demanding riders.

Yes. For example, Quat was unable to gain optimum physical form at the beginning of the season - it's just not enough time in the last few years its growth cool increased, and in the former could be problems, but he is very cool - requirements for physical form now not so great.

Question the had many technical problems. You do not consider the question of change of the supplier of s in

Together with , we did everything in order to solve these problems and has had some success - behind the leaders decreased from four seconds on the final winter to one second in " class="posttag">Bah, but it is not enough to deal with . Accurate analysis of the situation with s we will do to Austria, and then we will decide how to proceed.

Question there were about the possible departure of Newey, but he confirmed the loyalty. You signed a new with him

we will Not go into details. We got used to the fact that and are trying to lure our employees, but few agree to this.

Question How difficult is it to keep a of leading who have helped the to achieve success in the past years

I have already said - we lost a very few. All the leading specialists remained.

Question How important Newey for your

Very important, the built around him, if Newey go, this will affect the results.

Question do You like to play in

compared to other routes or something. I don't want to call this route archaic, but the differences are many. There are no zones of departure, only barriers, working conditions very difficult, although the atmosphere is really unique.

Question Probably better can be only Spielberg

Yes, there is a great combination of beautiful nature and modern racing circuit.

Question How is the preparation for of Austria All the stands are built

We could not meet the schedule because of the weather - in the winter there was a lot of and the temperatures reached minus -20, but now everything is going according to plan - tribune, buildings and structures, ways of entrance. There were already two races without any problems, and a dress rehearsal will be the stage of the GT Masters.

Question will there be additional inspection of the route from the

Everything is ready. The track itself has not changed, we only set additional stands and went on the road for service.

Question Stages in Spielberg and is the only calendar that are conducted without the support of the government.

Yes, and we are proud of this, as much interest from the public. 36 hours has sold 180 thousand tickets, we expect to see more than two hundred thousand s for the three day weekend.

Question is There any hope that this will allow at least recoup the cost

at First she was, but was prevented by the high cost of the construction of the new press center and other facilities. But we hope for a good financial results in the future.

Question Two pilots - Simona de Silvestro and Susie Wolff knock on the door of . Do you think that if the number of riders will be , it's positive for the

I Think one day we will see a woman driving a car, but it is important that it competitive in the race. The s" class="posttag">s do not provide such information.

Question It's interesting for - put a woman at the wheel of a

We always support new and interesting ideas, but I repeat it is important for us that the woman is not just driven the car, and could fight among the leaders. Until such candidates not.

Question Pilots now rarely Express their opinion, do you miss s with a bright character

This imperative, but the situation is gradually improving. Hamilton does not fit into this scheme, Vettel expresses his opinion, as Riccardo - he is always smiling says sincerely. Let slowly, but gradually.

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