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Interview readers Kamui Kobayashi

Interview readers Kamui Kobayashi

nonf1.ru continues launched last year a series of s in which questions are asked by our readers this year they meet the s. In it was Quat, in , Niko Hulkenberg, and in - .

Question Nikita, Minsk Kamui, we all miss your overtaking in

While with them very difficult. We need to get more from machine - to focusing on this, though of course I want to show you some beautiful overtaking. As soon as the opportunity.

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk, Russia do you think the of this year specially reduced to two circles that your overtaking not be counted

I was a little surprised that they are excluded from the Protocol at once two rounds, after two laps before the finish no flag was not. But I was not angry, just a little upset.

Question Ignat, it Was sad to be in the paddock and not to participate in races

I used to be in the paddock and not to compete in the races, a couple of years I was a pilot with . Nothing new was not in it, but of course this is not the most pleasant feeling.

Question Denis, Ivanovo Kamui, do you have a certain amount of frustration from the of the season in the , , because she did not come out from among the outsiders

No, no disappointment. We are making progress, just need time.

Question Maksimov Vladimir Tashkent, Uzbekistan If you were on a desert island, where they would have to live three years with two pilots of the current championship. Whom would you prefer to take with you

What Why should I bring pilots of I'll be there with them to do No, I would not take a single rider. I would have brought a Russian girl. One hundred Russian girls

Question Doniyor Nurakunov, Tashkent Hello, Kamui. What kind of car you dreamed of as a child

Honestly, I don't remember. Probably about .

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk You play the game consoles

No. Neither in , in anything else. You know why I always get a very slow machine.

Question Murad, Makhachkala What genres of music do you prefer

I like dance music.

Question Eugene, What is your favorite film

I don't watch movies.

Question Julian, St. Petersburg Kamui, you ed your career in the Japanese championship karting. This is something the approach to racing in your country from the European

I don't think there are any important differences. Japanese racing series is now rapidly developing.

Question Timur, St. Petersburg, Russia what is Your favorite place in Japan


Question Ruslan, Zhitikara do you know Daijiro Isihara, and you tried to do drifting

No, I do not know, but I know a few pilots. I'm not following, not even seen drifting live, and not going to do it. Yes, it is popular in Japan. But I would not say that more than .

Question Sergei, Novomoskovsk Why ts in Japan faster modern cars of

I'm not surprised that they are faster. You know why When you build the t, you have no limits of the rules.

Question Victor, You participated in the demonstration runs in , did you like our country

I really liked, I have a few friends from Russia. In Tokyo often come girl model. Very beautiful.

Question Alexander, Petrozavodsk Hello, Kamui What three words would you describe Russia

Vodka. Whiskey. after a pause I don't know. Let me think, I will say later.

Question Andrew, Vorkuta Kamui, have you ever got along well with Petrov. How often do you communicate now

Behold Exactly Vodka, whiskey and Petrov Good idea He's a great guy, but we have not met. The last time - last year in I don't even know what he is doing now.

Question Sergey, Kamui, very glad for your return to . As your fan I want to ask why are you collecting funds only from Japanese I and many of your worldwide with pleasure would help you to get back to the paddock.

It is very pleasant to hear such words. Truth is very nice. Thank you. But it would be much harder to organize. This is why we asked only Japanese . May be, we still need your help.

Question Ivan, Chelyabinsk Why don't you translate your tweets into English

Again I translate I always translate my tweets. Perhaps not always in the same order first, I write in English and then in Japanese or do the opposite. I put them almost simultaneously, and then pouring a lot of comments "Kamui, please translate what you wrote in English." I don't understand it In Japan I always say, "Kamui, translate what you write in Japanese". Nightmare

Question Basil, St. Petersburg Sushi or pasta

Sushi. No, pasta. In General I prefer Japanese cuisine. But in this case you would choose paste.

Question Eugene, Sergiev Posad the worst accident in your career.

I have nothing to answer. I never received injuries. So you can't single out any one accident.

Question Peter, St. Petersburg Which of your victories you think is the best

Victories No, I don't remember. It was so long ago that I win forgot.

Question Sergey, how Much do you drink after his first podium

laughs No. Why do you think that I had to drink

Question Ivan, Verbilki How you will celebrate its first victory in

I immediately fly out of the country, where will this victory. Going on a plane and go to a desert island One. With the Cup and a bottle of good champagne. I will lie on the beach for two days, and then I will go to work again.

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