2014-05-09 14:34:02

Juan Pablo Montoya recalls Grand Prix USA 2005

Juan Pablo Montoya recalls Grand Prix USA 2005

On Saturday in napolis will be a race of the IndyCar series, under the version of , partially laid inside the famous oval. It is somewhat similar to the one previously held the , although the differences are many. In particular, do not use banking - instead pilots overcome three normal rotation.160

In IndyCar first use this configuration, however, the race will take part , who had gone there and in , he was a participant and 2005, in which because of the danger of explosion tires in all banking clients not left on , and in the race were only six cars on the tyres . According to the Colombian, the current version of better than the one that was used in the .

"I Think that this configuration would fit the . The organizers did a great job. Direct long enough now, they got rid of banking. While here you can pursue and overtake rivals, so this is a good compromise. All these young studs no more.

The first and second turns very similar to those used in , but the back is straight longer. A left turn at the end of the line is as slow as it was then, but at that time they were followed by some pretty strange "esac". The track became much more rhythmic.

2005 was crazy. We asked the to install Chicane, and we would have gone to , even if not scored points. We just wanted to make a show for the audience. But they said that we took the wrong bus, and therefore our wines. In a slightly different approach."




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