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Permane Lotus is on the same level as Ferrari

Permane Lotus is on the same level as Ferrari

In Grosjean earned for F1 first points this season, but the react comment on it with cautious optimism. Chief race er Alan Permane believes that the machine E22 great potential, but there is still a lot of work.

Question How do you assess the F1 on the background of other s

Alan Permane it's still too early to judge. In the short time we have achieved very significant progress, both in working with chassis and power plant. In qualifying at we are ahead of , though lost to them in the race. However, it is difficult to say at what point finished a novel Grosjean, if not problems with the . Let's just say at the moment we are on the same level as .

Question do You think the will progress further Implemented not yet the full potential

Alan Permane I'm pretty sure. Our results are growing with every day.

Question Hopes for progress, primarily related to technical innovations, which will introduce the , or work on optimization of chassis settings

Alan Permane the Progress we have demonstrated in , explained how advanced settings and the set of updates that had been prepared for this race.

Question How is the preparation for the next

Alan Permane We continue to increase downforce E22. The in any case not going to give up, so everyone is working with full dedication.

Question What expectations do you associate with the of

Alan Permane I Think on this route our machine should work very well. Also we are preparing several new products, while on the special version of the aerodynamic body kit, which would be increased downforce, we are not talking. Already in we made sure that the machine generates higher downforce, while we managed to reduce air resistance. Expect to , we will be able to slightly reduce the gap to the leaders.

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