2014-05-09 16:24:02

Simona de Silvestro dream debut in Formula 1

Simona de Silvestro dream debut in Formula 1

Simone de Silvestro, which passes ting in the , dreams of next year to compete in . More than 25 years of Swiss s four seasons in IndyCar, and she recently conducted a two-day in Furano driving C31, machine . This work will continue in summer in June Simon wait three more days track in .

On Friday at the meeting with the press, she said that she intends to get a place in the first in .

"My goal is to compete in the races next year, - quotes de Silvestro British magazine Autosport. - This is still far away, but if I'll do everything correctly and show good speed driving a race car, do not see what can cause this to fail".

nonf1.ru told about the n sponsor who provides financial support de Silvestro, and stressed that companies whose logos were by car C31 during the s" class="posttag">s in the Fiorano, working with her since . According to Simone, have always known that the main goal of , and help her to get into the world Cup.

However, while the s no superlicense , without which it could not take part in Friday's ting during race weekends, but de Silvestro hoped to receive in the near future.




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