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Vitaly Petrov I want a different sound in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov I want a different sound in Formula 1

Petrov came on the weekend of the in . On Tuesday he participated in a charity match in the of pilots, and today spoke with former colleagues on and answered questions nonf1.ru in home .

Question , this year you first come to a stage of the

Petrov we Can say that Yes - for the first time in a year and a half.

Question Watch the fight

Petrov Of Course. Follow all races, ting results. Read the news and s, watch the races.

Question Who made the biggest impression

Petrov one machine is faster, that and impressive. Now it is , Hamilton. I always knew that he is quite fast, and now with interest for his fight with Rosberg.

Know that Vettel still unable to find the approach to the brakes, that for me it would be a problem. Riccardo quite justified all hopes of those who made a bet on it.

Question In the struggle of Hamilton with Rosberg you on whose side

Petrov Hamilton. Not that I'm for it to hurt, I just think its really unique pilot. I have known and seen it. In recent years he was not as competitive machines, however, he always got the maximum out of it.

Question What impression debut quata

Petrov Good. He's infallible, in the first race earned points. Another thing is that during the season to achieve this it will be harder - everything adapt, solve their problems, damage will be less, and eventually move back, to the boundary of the feature dozens.

The main thing - he is ahead of his -mate is going very stable - this is very important. He has a whole season to learn. The new machine, unknown trails, this weekend he first appears here in .82328232

On the we were discussing this route. I was advised to raise the car and go as many circles. It is important that it is not "Circulo" for braking, otherwise you can lose a lot of time.


Question How do you like the sound of new machines

Petrov 's Terrifying.

Question do you Not like

Petrov No, absolutely.

Q This season compared with many legendary 1988, then s too was not so loud.

Petrov I don't know. Yes no cars go well, quickly, but when I came in , I sound just shook -160I literally fell in love with it. And what I hear now is not that. I want a different sound.

Everyone on this occasion his opinion. It would be great to get behind the wheel, trying out a new car, to understand how it behaves, to feel the difference. Perhaps on she behaves even better though with a turbocharged is unlikely.

Question the thrill debut in the coincided with your expectations

Petrov weekend in the like weekends and other series, this difference is not much, but the approach to the management of the machine is very different from those series, where I made before. Need some time to configure everything properly, to adapt to this machine.

Question dissatisfied with the beginning of the season - now we are working on in order to achieve more

Petrov Yes. Seriously reconsidered the approach to the race week-end, to work, because the results that we saw in qualifying and the first two races no one is satisfied. In the second race can say that we were lucky, but for pure speed in qualifying we lose too much for such series, as the .

Question some periods, when the expect to add, were announced

Petrov Concrete terms it is impossible to be all work, make every effort, but when and how it will affect the results difficult to say.

Question this year you will play in way as a - before you came to circuit as a guest. What do you feel home race

Petrov a Bit nervous, after all, come my will gather a lot of , and I was not in the home race in 2005. It is difficult to talk about expectations, but I'll be glad to see their before they are always prepared many flags and banners, I hope there will be more.

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