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DTM the Race was won by Wittmann, Petrov again 17th

DTM the Race was won by Wittmann, Petrov again 17th

The race at has confidently won Wittmann that ed from the pole position. He and Miguel Molina Auditook 2-nd place, the first half of distance traveled on the option tyres was able to leverage the advantages of speed, which she provided to correctly build tactics, and were inaccessible to the rest of the peloton.

The struggle to narrow the Hungarian road went very badly, and not all drivers have managed to overcome even the first round the machine Paffet received a blow from one of the opponents, the rear wing was broken, and Britain was forced to return to the boxes.

During the first phase of the race Marko Wittmann tried to chase the other pilot , , although it was unable to exert significant pressure. But Goku failed to keep pace leader, he gradually fell behind, when he caught up with Miguel Molina Audi, which had to recoup after a bad . On the 18-th circle, just before the pit stop, the niard won the in the former F1 driver, and after a visit to the boxes he returned to before Timo.

At this point, the advantage of the first three was such that even after a pit stop all three crew kept their positions. But this situation did not last long Glock caught up with Edoardo Mortara, a representative of Audi, and soon was able to outstrip it, although between machines happened contact. However, the Germans did not lag behind, hoping in the future to win. He made several attacks, which is also accompanied by a power struggle, however, to return the third position Timo failed.

Petrov, who ed with next to last, the 22nd position, trying to control the more experienced competitors, but success he was not achieved, although some circles he passed pretty quickly. After a mandatory pit stop Russian rider rode 19th, and Christian Vitores, his on and the winner of the previous stage in Marienburg, to catch up with him could not. However, for a few laps before the finish of Vitores retired because of problems with the machine. In the end, took 17 th place, and he managed to get ahead of another former pilot of , . And the best representative of was Robert Wickens, finishing 11th, which confirmed the problem Stuttgart machines which is clearly not enough speed compared with and Audi.




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