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Grand Prix Austria Preview stage

Grand Prix Austria Preview stage

After a short visit to is returned to Europe. The next stage will be held in Austria, on the highway near Spilberga, last time took the in 2003 For 11 years the circuit changed owner, was reconstructed and renamed. Now is called Ring, and the founder of the company for the production of energy drinks Dietrich Mateschitz was the main initiator of the return of in Austria.

In for the first time in the season on the highest step of the podium according to rose is not one of the pilots AMG, however, despite the victory of Riccardo, in the championship with a great advantage leaders, Rosberg and Hamilton.

The meeting Lewis in Montreal allowed his companion away for 22 points, but Hamilton was already proved this year that can eliminate the backlog. After the ing stage in Niko ahead of Lewis on 25 points, but then the British had four victories in a row.

Rencken recalls Austria 2002

Personally I am very glad that is returned to Austria, on this route, albeit renamed. I haven't managed to visit Spielberg after the reconstruction, but the configuration has not changed, and the main thing that distinguishes this track from many others is the place where it is located.

The racetrack is located in the mountains, on the tops of which even in summer . Stunningly beautiful place. I'm still convinced that the was not supposed to leave. Austria could remain in the calendar, instead of the stage in . Probably the only problem is absence of major cities around

There was a lot of , but the most memorable, perhaps, occurred in 2002. Speaking about this, however, we must make allowances for the fact that memory was practically erased everything that happened in the early and mid-race.

Barrichello was the leader, was driving the second. Everyone understood that is a clear division of pilots on the first and second, because long before the TV show command bridge of skuderii, we assumed that soon will go bad call. Then the snatched Ross Brawn, who actively pressed the buttons on the radio, but did not slow down. After you've joined .

Then became still does not appear on the air, but the Todt well-read his lips "Rubens, it is necessary for the championship." Shortly before the race, Barrichello just extended his , which was the condition that he must step aside only if we are talking about helping in the fight for the title. At the last moment took her foot off the pedal, and Michael won the race.

I think such a violent reaction from the audience was provoked a certain hostility that many Austrians have for the Italians and the Germans. I'm pretty sure that if it had happened in any other place, the public response would be less powerful. But in Austria all have coincided. Local did not like the bad performance, one of the main roles in which was assigned to the German Italian car.

When the guys came up onto the stage, the audience gave them such an admission that even in the press center of the ears. I well remember the Michael reaction. He even tried to raise a hand to greet the stands, but broke off, seeing the General indignation. Probably this forced him to switch places with the at the podium.

When they came to the press conference, the reaction of the was the same. They appeared in the hall, and almost all began disapprovingly to buzz. Perhaps, only in this moment they realized how really serious situation was, because the faces of both pilots have become the same color as their overalls.

Then we all went to , who insisted on the right. "My pilots know what is written in their s," "No rules prohibiting companions to change places" and so on. Of course, it was one of the most controversial moments in the history of the .

Preview of Austria with F1 Team

Chief race er Dave Greenwood "the in Austria is in fact a new calendar. Long time passed since then, as there was fighting a car, but in the peloton not many riders who remained in the championship from those times. Our first arrived in Spielberg.

This circumstance affected the preparation stage. We had to do more work on the simulator before the of the weekend, to collect the necessary information from the optimal trajectory to assess the level clamping force. Day of work on the simulator, you can even call the , because the main task was not only the ting of pilots for the new route, but also the search for the necessary settings for ers.

Typically, the data obtained by modern simulators, very accurate. Perhaps the only thing that is very difficult to understand the level of grip, its status at the beginning of the weekend and change before the of the race. While the machines do not leave the boxes in the first exercise of such data we have a little bit and we will draw on information from , but it is very approximate values".




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