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Oleg Karpov My Formula 1

Oleg Karpov My Formula 1

is a strange organization. Despite its Imperial aspirations, this is a relatively small group of people, which brings together by and large, two things love for racing and. discontent other members of this group.

Due to objective reasons, I can not know for sure, but I have a strong feeling that the last time they were happy with what is happening in the championship of in 1949, when it did not exist. Since then, in the race was always either too little overtaking is either too much or too little - or too much or too little noise. and so on. But this year the arrow on the instrument for measuring the level of a General discontent in the paddock never comes out of the red zone.

In Austria me, not for one second left a sense of the absurdity of what is happening. Information coming into the b through the ears did not confirm the information coming into the b through the eyes. is not just back on one of the steep slopes of Europe. She returned to the Spielberg after the trip to , where he arranged a Grand concert with fireworks from carbon under the curtain. But on arrival in Austria first began himself to fire.

Almost every second scheduled meeting of the pilots with in Spielberg included a standard question about the fact that the you need to do to improve the show. It asked and s, and all at press conferences on Thursday and Friday, but, dis all these speeches at the press center of Ring, it was easy just to lose your mind. For this, it was enough to turn his head to the side.

In ogromnyh display the Windows on the third floor of the complex, who grew up on Ring next to the line, broadcasted a stunning picture. Green hills, with uzlade on which it seems that they are now about to fall and cover your head, bronze statue of the bull and people, people, people.

The only more or less serious problem in this weekend as Spielberg remained traffic jams at the entrances to the Ring on Thursday. But that was a pleasant bustle. Many campers spread to the Parking lots to ten in the evening, and by eight o'clock on Friday their guests have already reached a state in which arrived during the remainder of the weekend. They sang. So, how can sing only openly drunk and happy citizens.

Day by day they become more and more, so by Saturday on those hills, which allowed , not just impossible carrot stick - Sol is not normally distributed. But in that area, which was separated from it all holiday madness turnstiles, for some reason went on to talk about the bad.

Fan of to be very difficult. There are only talk about how quiet and neomelodici the sound of s, much like modern riders on taxi drivers, and they race to the movement of trams on the same route. In are ed outlandish forms exhaust pipe and causing sparks pads on the bottoms. In , I suggest giving repeated s after exit onto the machine security, and then these suggestions world the word then what the Council claims. Watching this avalanche, Willy-nilly thinking maybe it really is something wrong with this

Nothing, if I still like Here it is without sparks, with that sound and with the safety car, which actually for security and not for fun Or maybe it's me that something is wrong

Fan of is now saying about it in plain text it is the like it should. This is evidenced from the pages of your press release , who for some reason the "world" survey on its website. About it is said Mr gray-haired Italian and even more white-haired Brit. "The that is not like", write the reason for all time . Moreover, the word "this" refers to all the time something different.

Who then all these people that paralyzed the access roads to the Ring on Thursday a week ago Who are these crazy that dare tickets for the Austria 48 hours Who are these crazy that sing at eight o'clock, and at ten, go into the stands Masochists

On Saturday morning, during the third session I did something that no longer worked - went on for a whole hour to stand up to the highway, look at the cars. To me that has never happened since then, as in in the before my eyes Petrov decided to check how wet after became a curb on acceleration before POON. After that - for the time - hunting repulsed. But now I begged.

It is important to understand I waited a few days, but still are in a state of affect, and therefore ask you to be my next statement, respectively.

In fact, it seems to me that with the 's all right. And it will be exactly as long, until the machine will remain the fas in the world, and the race will be racing.

I think about this for a long time no one spoke. This is a fantastic machine. To look at them from the outside - a bit old-fashioned word, but fun. Forgive me my weakness, but I am more and more like the new sound. Or even the absence of the old. I do not have feelings language to describe to you everything that happened in the second turn Ring, but because I can advise you or to plan a trip to Austria for the next year or sweep additionally printed seven thousand Sochi tickets to see and hear for yourself.

Now in , clearly audible, as these machines are tearing the air. Hear how the bus. You will not believe, but there, on top of a hill near to turn Remus, hear how these machines shakes and moves on the bumps.

Now I for is a little scary. Scary because it suddenly hard rushed to repair. And the most strange that rushed to fix because it to me - "fan" - supposedly seems to be broken.

Probably, really should pay more attention to the new generation, to communicate with him through the usual channels, but I am surprised when the term "listen to the " refers to the posts and comments on social networks.

Perhaps it's the surest sign that I finally began to be old. But I can agree with listen to the people who within a minute the first post something touching with the hashtag that's the word KeepFightingMichael, and then a funny pic of Lisa of Suarez muzzled is at least strange.

That TV ratings fall, to argue, of course, impossible. How and what for access to the audience you want to use new sites. But I don't understand, why change the race. Austria is an excellent example of what the can still be a reason for a class party. Most importantly, how to present it. Dietrich Mateschitz after all, did nothing unusual. Weekend as Spielberg was just wonderfully organized.

It's hard for me to describe what in Austria was so special, but the news is unlikely that you will find at least one negative comment. On the contrary, as Spielberg even in that area, which is separated from the turnstiles, people talked to each other as stunning in is the weekend. Maybe the thing is that Dietrich Mateschitz - albeit often dissatisfied with something, but still loves the race

You know, I have my own recipe, how to fix the . To do this, just need to everyone stopped redovalnica, but instead tried to cope with their work as well as we did Dietrich Mateschitz with the organization of the of Austria. For example, to the white-haired Italian man-the President did not polls on the home page of your , and made sure that the red machine should be as fast as silver. Then I guarantee that all of us would have a little more fun.

New audience for is important. But in the pursuit of it would be nice to forget about the old one. Those who stupidly loves racing. For those who still prefer to come to gawk at the cars themselves, and not to fire F1 in social networks.

I do not take part in the online voting. I force myself to use social networks. But I'm a fan. And I think that with the 's all right.

It's not even with a space after each go on machine security, not in sparkles from the bottom, and similar nonsense. Probably, they is not160 spoil. But all that I now really in it confusing is the degree of blame.

No matter how ashamed to admit, I really like the race involving the fas drivers in the fas machines. I from is not necessary. Zastite, please somewhere my voice, and leave my F1 for a while alone.




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