2014-06-01 20:04:02

Vitaly Petrov Positive aspects anymore

Vitaly Petrov Positive aspects anymore

- the most difficult championship with its laws and peculiarities, and to pilot 500-strong body of the car, much heavier than a car is a special art. To debut in the German series Petrov all this was, getting my first experience on the s" class="posttag">s, but after three stages of the season we can say that the results of harakterizuet certain stability three times he got to the finish, and all three times took 17 th place.

According to , the weekend in Budapest he is satisfied, although we must admit that the complexity of the continue, because the best representative of the Stuttgart finished in only 11-m

"Despite certain problems, we are moving in the right direction, - quotes the words of press service of the . Skills are still imperfectly formed, I again failed to pass a clean lap because of traffic, but on Sunday positive moments.

I managed a good , I played several positions in the first link, but in the third turn decided to go on an external trajectory, which by that time had already launched Paffet. To break his car had outside of , causing all that was acquired at the , we have lost".

In General we can say that the race was held in Budapest very spectacular, and 33 thousands of in the stands of the Hungaroring, received great pleasure in seeing a sharp struggle on .




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