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Arthur Peak Fernando Alonso is one of my heroes

Arthur Peak Fernando Alonso is one of my heroes

Arthur - the brother of former F1 driver, and now a pilot for F1 Charles. Career younger is a mountain in it was his first victory in , up to the seventh place in personal offset of the championship. In an with the official journal racing series young driver told him a little bit160 about yourself.

Arthur "in the Beginning I was interested in motocross. I was doing it together with his brother, but when Charles was about ten years old, he was involved in a serious accident, breaking his legs. Then mom decided that any motocross is no more, so we went over in . Eric Bernard, the godfather brother gave him a card, and when I saw Charles driving, of course, I also wanted to go-carting. At first I raced for fun, but when I ed to win the race, you have a desire to dedicate their entire life. Father also loved and share our passion. Since I was five years old, he every year took us of . And when I first raced in Monte Carlo, it was a special moment.

I always liked , but is also one of my heroes. Fernando is a very strong and not make mistakes, always plays at 100 behind the wheel, regardless of which machine at his disposal. It is admirable.

I have many rituals before the beginning of each session, I always do the same. For example, always sit in the car on the left side, and go to your right. I just can't do the opposite Even if I need to quickly leave the , I always do it right. I also have a separate pair of gloves that I'm in the race, and a separate pair to Friday's session. Before the race I prefer to talk to my physiotherapist Emil or with someone from the that as late as possible to get in the car.

I t for two hours five days a week - a total of ten hours. I like to ride a bike - I've been at this for two years. I also love tennis as, however, and other sports where you need to act on tennis or paddle. When I played for Campos, in rowing on kayaks. rs have a lot of ting, because it is part of our work. I like that."




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