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Daniel Quat The usual Friday

Daniel Quat The usual Friday

In conversation with Russian Quat summed up the results of Friday's ting, watching in parallel during one of the sessions series from which switched to .

Question Today, as far as is clear from your release, in the morning there were problems with the settings.

Quat Yes, the car was not feel very well, we really had to change the settings, so it was a good fit my style of piloting. We managed to do it, and I hope that tomorrow we will make another step forward.

Question what were the changes

Quat I will Say this in the morning the car was being a bit nervous, so I had to calm her a little. Seems to be managed. Will see what happens next.

Question today was Quite hot.

Quat .just as in the past few races. Nothing special. Of course, this affects the behavior of the machine. Rubber harder, especially the back. So it is important for her to properly track.

Question If you look at the results, there is a feeling that there will be tougher than in

Quat I think Friday we have about the same for several races in a row. We are again in the area of the tenth place. Or directly in the top ten or outside it - today we eleventh. The most usual Friday. It will be important to try to understand what we lack.

Question the Hungaroring is one of the favorite tracks still Even driving a

Quat If the machine is fast, any route will be like.

Question When Petrov moved from the in , he often watched the race of his former championship went to the paddock, talked with all of them. How are you

Quat I followed too, but only when on the road you find the TV. But we continue to communicate with the in which I participated, with Koiranen and . With the Manager, with his former ers. I have them a good relationship, because we have suffered much, much has been achieved.

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