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Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

Has ended the Moscow City Racing show

In ended races City show, held at the walls of the Kremlin. Throughout the day many s were pleased with the good weather, allowing riders on the various techniques to demonstrate their skills.

At this time there were no serious accidents. On the road again appeared historical Surtees TS14 and Surtees TS16, cars, and Caterham under Wife and Robin Freins. The winner of the rally-RAID "Dakar-" Eduard Nikolaev brought onto the multi-ton truck "KAMAZ-Master".

Sebastien Chardonnay demonstrated skills in a rally car , and although Chardonnay - , and no expert on the stunts, he looked okay, even against the background of aerobatics professional drifters and stuntmen, speaking before and after it.

Brilliantly acted and Russian metacommand Lazzari- , headed the sixfold champion of Russia Sergei Krapukhina. And drove several audiences at .

The show featured all three German manufacturer of body championship. At the wheel of a M4 villages Jens Klingman, AMG C-Coupe ruled Bernd Maylander and Audi RS 5 - Rusinov.

Rusinov "Great atmosphere, nice to be in , to watch that show, to be graphed, to podymal tyres Audi RS5 . Yesterday was and seemed, might , but today the weather was great."

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