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Kaltenborn discussion on the suspension does harm to the image of Formula 1

Kaltenborn discussion on the suspension does harm to the image of Formula 1

Head Moniz, Kaltenborn believes that if some technical developments are banned in the middle of the season, it does not benefit .

Question Your changed its suspension on C33 after the British

Moniz, Kaltenborn laughs No, as far as I know, the suspension we did not change.

Question So, in fact, you will still suspension

Moniz, Kaltenborn I didn't say that laughs

Question How do you think, can expect a pro from any of the s

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't know. As I just said, we did not change anything. Everything was fine until then, we're all right now. But if someone is going to pro, let served.

Question But if you become aware that any of the commands uses some system that you deem illegal, will file an objection

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Wonder how can I know, legal systems that use other commands, or not Our has no possibilities to conduct an inspection, except that I'm from someone else to get information about what use rivals.

In my opinion, the did everything right. The Federation has sent a technical Directive, it is in power, and now each one to decide how to act. As I understand it, the has tried to achieve consensus on this issue, but of course, it turned out that it is impossible. Now each must determine its suspension meets the or not, to take risks, or not.

Question do you think your is at risk in this weekend

Moniz, Kaltenborn I'm not going to go to any risk. There is no such need, because we all legally.

Question have you Received from Charlie Whiting any concrete explanation concerning the suspension after was sent to the technical Directive

Moniz, Kaltenborn No, because we got such explanations before this.

Question In the technical Directive States that the legality of all systems FRIC in question.

Moniz, Kaltenborn All right.

Question do You think, your suspension may be questions in this weekend

Moniz, Kaltenborn Look, I don't know.

Question How do you think, will the opportunity to exploit the situation and to anticipate some of the s who had to abandon the system FRIC

Moniz, Kaltenborn 't judge it. We can only guess. It is very difficult to estimate, how much this or that will play or lose. I believe that such assessments need to be very cautious.

Question do you think that any pros" class="posttag">s may be filed in this weekend You are so evasive comment on the situation.

Moniz, Kaltenborn No, my comments are not evasive I'm not saying that we are going to file a pro. From my point of view, all of this discussion does not benefit , and that worries me a lot more. We understand that this is a highly complex systems, and we know it by experience of own developments. And it is not clear why suddenly they find themselves outside the law But again we walk away from the main, because exactly because of these systems, no one will win the championship and will not lose. But the again become involved in the discussion, which is not interesting to most . They have one question why we just can't bring order to the rules and

If in the middle of the season, it appears that we are doing something wrong, it puts us all not in the best light, you see It turns out that the sport is not able to achieve clarity.

Question Maybe it's the fault of the

Moniz, Kaltenborn Federation is responsible for the formulation of rules, monitors, but this is not the fault of the , if commands create some system - the Federation can not influence.

Question This is a pendant that allowed increase the speed of the machine

Moniz, Kaltenborn I Think, Yes, like all the other s, but it is not a secret that our system was probably not the best. Therefore, if we lose, it will not have a noticeable effect.

Question But, apparently, it is a waste of money if the something was developed, and then suddenly the announced that it does not comply with the

Moniz, Kaltenborn exactly, and that is what I'm talking about. But this is not the first such case, you can remember the diffuser or exhaust system, peered with diffusers, and so on. In all cases these systems were outlawed in the following season, though they were effective, and all they were used. It's really a waste of money, then if it turns out that they are illegal.

Question Can you tell us about the progress of Simone de Silvestro

Moniz, Kaltenborn Its preparation is going on for the first time she sat behind the wheel of a car in the Fiorano and it coped with the task. Recently it has been ed in and showed very good speed, traveling 1200 km, which means that its serious physical ting.

In addition, she never flew off , there were no serious accidents, so now she has the necessary experience, so we applied to the to receive temporary Superlicense. Next we need to check how Simon cope with the machine this year, and then it will be fully prepared. Our plans associated with it will consist of several stages, so we'll see how it goes.

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