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Kobayashi I'm proud to be returned to Formula 1

Kobayashi I'm proud to be returned to Formula 1

says that he is comfortable in any , including network, because the - his dream. However, of course I would like that the car was quick.

Question Caterham F1 got new owners. What do you think, will there be any change to the status command

it is too early to judge what will happen next, but you cannot continue to act with such low results. In my opinion, Christian Albers very clear we must make maximum efforts to improve the situation in the championship.

Question have You met him

I met him yesterday, we talked for a few minutes. But I heard about it before.

Question In General, you are optimistic, because the last place in the Cup of designers can only go up


Question When you were in a , you fought in the middle of the peloton, but sometimes in the forefront, the same situation was in , where you also managed to get ahead, and even to come to the podium. Not worse than it was in , where you spent one season in the races of endurance in GT. But in Caterham, you were in a completely different situation is to fight more difficult than in his time with

No, but we had now another. From the beginning of the season we knew it would be very difficult, so I'm not surprised that we were in last place. Of course, if we had more money then you could upgrade the machine and increase its speed. But opportunities for small s are always limited because of the small , so we are now in a difficult situation.

Question You spoke in Japanese , Swiss, Italian and now appeared to be in English, although the hosts she's not British. Where do you feel more comfortable

I feel comfortable everywhere, in every command And in Caterham I am quite satisfied.

Question Can you tell us more about the car this year what is its main problem The speed, thrust power, power

for us with all this problems, and not only in the clamping force. The machine is too heavy, and it looks no better.

Question But you continue to work together with ers, do not leave attempts to change the situation

of Course, we try, but the problem is that really hard to do if a does not have money. This is the main problem, so we're a bit stuck. But now, when you Caterham F1 appeared the new owners may, much will change for the better - we'll see.

Question You have already experienced can you come up with ers to at least somehow to influence the situation

No, from the drivers and nothing depends. We just got on each track full use of the potential of the machine.

Question So, the second half of the season will be the same as the first Or are you a bit better

Hope it will be a little better if the can bring at least a few of technical innovations.

Question what do you really expect at Do I think will outperform Or maybe even someone from riders

Since we are in England, then, is always a chance of And if the race will be held on a wet road, the situation is likely to change completely, so nothing can be ruled out.

Question But in autumn it will be your favorite race at Suzuka, where you will support the amazing Japanese . Presumably, you'd like to re- this route

of Course, I am proud I was able to return to , and will again reach the of the of Japan. As you know our are passionate about , but the matter is not even in the Japanese - they all support. It's great that we will chase in Japan.

Question the Situation with the Japanese did not become better They are still not interested in

No, we are not interested in, but maybe next year the situation will change when the world Cup will return Honda. Maybe it will play a key role.

Question Have you had any contacts with Honda

No, not yet. Now I am fully concentrated on my work network.

Question And do you consider that a return to even as part of a small is better for you than endurance race, or, for example, , where is your old friend Petrov

Yes, because the - my dream. To compete in this championship, ride on these machines is nothing beats.

Question Finally, what do you think about this innovation, as res from a place that will appear in the next year

Nothing good. Because the edges of can be covered with fragments of waste rubber and tires will have time to cool down, and in this situation, the s will have very hard. I've always adhered to this opinion, and in my opinion, all dissatisfied with the new rule.

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