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Mailander this year I saw a lot of interesting races

Mailander this year I saw a lot of interesting races

Bernd Maylander - virtually unchallenged driver car security , it works in the is already fifteen years. In an with nonf1.ru Bernd has shared his opinion about the changes that happen in the ship in .

Question Do you have a unique opportunity for many years to observe the development of , constantly being in the heart of the action what can you say about the season , because many have criticized the new technical Whether this criticism is fair

Bernd Maylander of Course, I'm not going to criticize the modern . If to compare the new power plant with the s that were used earlier this year made a huge step forward. And when I flew to for the first race of the season, I expected to see these changes, and I saw them both in terms of aerodynamics, and aspects related to safety, because the nose cones are much lower. Of course, the sound has changed too.

Now I can say - it was very important changes, which allowed to create a car of new generation. In my opinion, everything is very cool

Question Indeed, the impression is that the going better and more interesting.

Bernd Maylander Absolutely I am absolutely sure the development of is in the right direction, and now this championship has become the absolute leader in the field of modern racing technology. As it should be. I am pleased that this year saw a lot of very interesting race. Yes, in the championship dominates , but the tense struggle goes all over the peloton, let's say, for positions, ing with the third. That's what it takes .

In previous years was dominated by , until this one year - , which then became the AMG, before season two consecutive victory in the championship got , and before that was won by . is constantly changing, but what we saw this year is a step in the right direction.

Question You certainly know the opinion of the President of Montezemolo - or its not like the of the new generation because his does not win

Bernd Maylander you Know, not for me to criticize other s, but changes occur in any sport, for example, in will be a new champion of the world - who will win, or Argentina, look, but change is clearly needed. When they occur, it is good for any sport.

Question on the one hand, you are , on the other cooperating to , and perhaps you have some opinion about what is happening in this now, because after the victory at advantage Rosberg was reduced to 4 points

Bernd Maylander to be honest, during race weekends I work on the , because I am the driver of the car security, and have nothing to AMG. I collaborate with our factory serving - at the stages of the championship roll guests on on the -taxi. So what I'm happy when on Sundays we find truly interesting race. The main thing that won the best and fas , and to avoid accidents. And for me not so important who will get the victory, the pilot or someone else. It is important that in sporting terms it was all good, because I love race.

If you win - so, they are great But if victory is , - I'm not upset, because the most important is the very .

Question And yet, deep down, who do you support more or Lewis Or are you trying to remain neutral

Bernd Maylander I know Lewis, since those times, when it only took in a . Niko I know even longer, because in the at the time I competed with drivers who competed in the , which belonged to his father. Can't say that I support one or the other. Ready to repeat once again I just want to see a great show.

Of course, if the title win Niko, it will be good for the German . But if Lewis won his second championship is too great. 'll see. Still, we have not even got to the second half of the season.

Question next year there will be changes in the related to vehicle safety, because now res will be given. How do you feel about those changes

Bernd Maylander For me, nothing will change. See if such a rule is introduced, but I think this will improve the races. In any case, I make no decisions. But the procedure governing the appearance on car security, will remain until re.

Question Can you say that Russian driver Petrov this year was your colleague, as he is in the with . And some drivers engaged in this championship, for example, , immediately warned that he would have hard. Why is it so difficult to ex-s of success in the

Bernd Maylander I've never been driving a , so it's hard for me to judge what's the difference, but, for example, technical in the so that machines from different s are very close in their high-speed capabilities. Therefore, the fight here is more dense than in , and young riders quite difficult to learn to use 100 of the capacity of the machine. The matter is that unlike F1, in the at the ing field visits 21 machine, and each has the potential to win the race.

In addition, the machine harder, and in the of the holder of the pole from the driver showed last result, just one second. To overtake in the is also more difficult than in F1, where virtually no contact fight. In the between machines possible contacts, whereas in after you do this often you are out of the race.

Of course, all this is not easy, and this year should learn and gain more experience to the next season to go on the attack. That is what he is doing now and progressing quite rapidly.

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