2014-07-17 20:44:02

Niki Lauda Title Rosberg absolutely real

Niki Lauda Title Rosberg absolutely real

Although Rosberg in the lead in the championship, not everyone believes that he can become heavyweight champion of the world - after all, while his mate is a lot brighter. Briton has already won five victories, while the Rosberg - only three, and in all three cases this was the result of problems at Lewis.

At the British has the problem already on the machine Rosberg, in the Hamilton was able to reduce the gap in the League to four points. In will the second half of the championship, and that Hamilton is now considered to be the main contender for the title, however, non-Executive Director of Niki Lauda disagree. In his opinion, Rosberg can perform.

Niki Lauda "I think Niko - great , and the title for it is absolutely real. When the machine breaks, even the best pilot can not change anything. But this year, he demonstrates great shape, which I always waited for.

I am sure he will fight the Hamilton to the finish of the last race of the season. In the end, it may depend on which of them are lucky little more".




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