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Official Yearbook DTM first published in Russia

Official Yearbook DTM first published in Russia

German publisher Adrenalin Verlag and the Russian "Corsa Media" prepared an excellent gift for of sports for the first time in Russian published in the official Yearbook on past season.

It is precise, well-published copy of a popular German edition - Das offizielle Jahrbuch , which can be considered as a sort of reference book for all of this body of the championship. High quality s allow you to relive the highlights of the season. Experts will appreciate the section "Statistics" in the last part of the book where you can find complete information about the results of each stage, the reasons for gatherings, the results of s and ting.

Author - journalist and commentator Sergey Bednaruk. Working on the Russian version of the book, he not only reproduced the original meaning of the texts, but also tried to share the unique spirit of the for which this championship loved in many countries of the world.

The circulation of the Russian edition of the Yearbook - 1500 copies, to buy the book will be possible during phase DT only at the circuit way, and then, from July 14 - sites moscowraceway.ru and korsaclub.ru

Because in in the is a Russian driver Petrov, the work on the publication of year has already begun.

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