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Steve Nielsen I am doing all that does not concern techniques

Steve Nielsen I am doing all that does not concern techniques

organization, staffed by several hundred people. Good management is one of the main keys to success in this sport, and the role of the of managers, if not familiar to the General public, is actually very important. Occupying this position in Steve Nielsen told nonf1.ru about his work and how he changed over the last 15 years.

Question Steve, few people understand, than in the actually Tim managers.

Steve Nielsen Sometimes I don't understand laughs.

Question nonetheless. What you meet in the

Steve Nielsen -Manager many duties. I am responsible for ensuring that all members reached the road, so we had all the equipment. This is only one of the roles. Logistics personnel, communication with the stewards, consultation about sports . In essence everything that has nothing to do with technology, outside the scope of my duties. Today I can work on the transfer of staff from to and tomorrow to communicate with the stewards. We tried to make so that those responsible for the technique and results on didn't think about anything else. If they have problems, my goal is to solve these problems.

Question What is the most important in your work

Steve Nielsen everything is Important. Depending on circumstances during the race weekend, the nature of work is changing. On Wednesday, the most important thing - logistics, then - observance of the sports . What is important on Sunday, not to care about me on Monday and Tuesday. It all depends on what happens with the command whether we're moving from a line on , are we working on a database or on the s" class="posttag">s.

Question You almost his entire career he worked in Enstone, the , which is now called . What is the reason

Steve Nielsen I spent in the for 12 years. When I got there, it was called Benetton, then . When decided to leave the championship, they sold the company. It was the right step because the continued existence. But I felt that I wanted to change something. After twelve years in Enstone 12 years, during which the thrice changed the name, I thought that I wanted to do something else.

Question What made you leave Caterham, in which you have passed after the

Steve Nielsen well. you Should carefully choose the words to answer this question. When I was negotiating the transition to the company, it seemed to me that the plans and goals of the for me. But when I joined the , I could see that they had expected. Let's just say I got there what in my view, was to engage in . So early on, I realized that not stay in the for a long time.

Question after your departure changed the structure of the , and now at the meetings of the of managers on Thursdays there is Alan Permane that the Manager is not.

Steve Nielsen Yes, when I left the , they decided to distribute responsibilities between staff differently. In my day, Alan was the chief race er, then became the head of operations in the sphere of obligations entered and responsibilities of the athletic Director. So he goes to the briefings of the . In uses a similar scheme.

Question Tim managers is basically the people who work in one place for a very long time. Why

Steve Nielsen If you follow careers of these people, you will see that they often ed his career mechanics. In my case it ed as a truck driver.

Mostly these are people who have built up a career within the company, so perfectly know its structure. For -Manager it is important to be familiar with specificity of work of each employee. I am not an expert in anything, but I have a rough idea of what you are doing ers, mechanics, truck drivers, men who work with composite materials, or with transmissions. I have an idea about what they are doing, because I ed with "small" position, and then he changed several departments. For -Manager is very important to know the specifics of the work of different departments. And that is why it is often people with experience in several different positions.

Question How has the change in the role of Manager in recent years With the growing number of staff, with increased s and so on.

Steve Nielsen on the one hand, everything remained as it was. On the other, the work was quite different. If you look at the command pictures of 1986, some of them in addition to the pilots are only four people. Since then, the sport has become much more money. With their appearance, a growing number of employees and number of operations. Sport has become more professional. Everything has changed. From homes in which we spend most of the time now, before the situation in the boxes.

Question Your timetable became much denser than 10 years ago

Steve Nielsen I would not say. Because in the old days we moved off , on which is conducted the race, where were scheduled s" class="posttag">s. The race was constantly changed each other. Now, even though we became under 20 races, we go not so often. Logistics - although probably not all will agree with me - it became easier in comparison with what it was 15-20 years ago.

Question is based in Faenza, while most s in England. How does it affect your work

Steve Nielsen There are pros and cons. One of the main advantages is that based in Europe, it is easier for us to reach other European circuit, than from England. Distances much closer. Our trucks go from the base later than trucks with a database of s in the UK and returned earlier.

One of the minuses - flights. If you are based in England, near Heathrow airport is a large international portal, where you can fly directly to almost anywhere in the world. The nearest airport to Faenza is located in Bologna. One of the main difficulties " we have to fly with transfers. We have to get first to Frankfurt or Paris, in order to change flights. It may not seem so serious problem, but when you have already at least 50 flights per year, each additional flight adds fatigue.

Question You moved in to Faenza with your family

Steve Nielsen Yes, my work is very important to live near the base of the . I moved the family. We live next to Ravenna, near Faenza, on the coast. We like it very much.

Question I was always interested in this question. Perhaps you have an explanation for this phenomenon. In recent years, you literally pursuing Russian pilots. You worked in the there was Petrov. Passed in Caterham - he has followed you. Now were in the , and the has signed a with Cvetom.

Steve Nielsen Yes, it's true. Don't know why, I have no answer. But I'm not too worried. I always liked to work with Petrov, Daniel, this year has been just great season. He has good prospects for the future.

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