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The British Grand Prix Curious statistics

The British Grand Prix Curious statistics

After the stage at renowned expert Michele Merlino has published some interesting statistical collections.


Rosberg won the eighth pole position of his career. It took him 152 to win the first five, and four more on the last three. This 25-th pole position in the history of .

The interval between the first and second result, 1.620 second - largest in the with the of 1997, when ahead Heinz-Harald Frentzen on 1.754 seconds.

For the first time in the history of two German drivers took the first row on the ing field of the British .

For the second time in the history of cars with s won the pole in nine races in a row, before this happened in 1998, with the .

has interrupted the longest in his career for series of races without ing from the first row. At he is a 66-th time in his career ed the race from the first row. The record for this indicator belongs to - 116 s with the first or second place.

Rating drivers Starts with the first row

1. Mschumacher


2. Asenna


3. Apost


4. Spectel


5. Hamilton


6. Nmental


7. Hwanhee, Dclark




10. Piquet


The third place at the was the best result for with the of Brazil . This season to the British Jenson not ed higher than sixth.

For the this button - 3, Magnussen - 5 is the best on the home track with , when has won the pole position, and showed the fourth time.

For the first time in his career in lost in qualifying in the four in a row.

12-th place was the best result in his career and in the history of the .

For the first time since Singapore in the top ten was not a single car with the in the world.

won the 27th career victory, up to the level of .

Rating drivers Victory

1. Mschumacher


2. Apost


3. Asenna


4. Spectel


5. Palanco


6. Nmental


7. Dstuart, Hamilton


9. Dclark, Nlarda


Hamilton won at after ing with the sixth position. Before him with the worst ing position of the British was won Emerson, Fittipaldi - in 1975, after ing with the 7th place.

Finishing second, Valtteri Bottas have achieved the best results in his career. For the first time since 2005 in two races in a row made it to the podium.

Jenson button 15 times participated in the British , but never to the podium. Three times he finished fourth in 2004, and In this case, for a career Jenson went on the podium at twenty different routes.

has repeated the longest in the career of a series of races without a win in nine Grands Prix in a row. The same series was he in , but that season he became the .

Series without victories has been going on for 23 - it is the longest of his career since then, as he won the first race. The last time he defeated in , won the of in.

Because of a failure Rosberg interrupted successful series - this year in all races to the British , he finished first or second, eight times in a row up to the podium.

Cars 16 times ed in the British from 1954 to , but never before had the race - gathering Rosberg was the first.

The first was a meeting in the British and Mass - 12 times he participated in this race before getting to the finish.

For the first time in the history of s this command four years in a row was not raised on a podium in the British .

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