2014-07-30 13:24:02

The season finale of 2015 can pass in Mexico

The season finale of 2015 can pass in Mexico

Abed, founder of the Mexican Federation and Vice-President of the , announced that the of Mexico, which is returned to the in , may become the final of the next season.

"I do not exclude that the final race we will see in Mexico, " he said in the air of the Mexican radio station Grupo Formula. - Of course, then in this race will be awarded a glasses."

Calendar of the next season has not been assembled, so the date of the of Mexico is not defined, but Abed believes that the race at the reconstructed circuit behalf brothers Rodrigesa can pass either at the end of October or in early November .

Abed also confirmed that during the reconstruction of the circuit will be remade famous turn Peraltada, which ended in a circle in the original configuration of .

"Of course, this will be an important moment banking will disappear, and in its place will be built three new turn and area for concerts, " said Vice-President of the , who in his time, from 1986 to 1992, he headed the organizing Committee of the of Mexico. - This is for two reasons old profiled turn too dangerous, and besides, we have to build the stands still for 40 thousand s".

Also will be changed 4th turn he will be a 90 degree to the front of them formed another plot, where possible overtaking.

"Now he is quite fast, so we're going to do it a few more slow to braking before him became more intense - it will create conditions for overtaking," said Abed.




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