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Vitaly Petrov DTM bigger fight

Vitaly Petrov DTM bigger fight

In anticipation of the Russian round of the , which will be held in way in the nearest weekend, driver AMG Petrov in an exclusive nonf1.ru talked about the difficulties of adapting to this series.

Question Ahead of your first home race, because you participated only in demonstration run. What are your expectations from the upcoming stage

Petrov speaking of , I think, will be the excitement, a lot of the audience, and I will be hard to concentrate on the race. But you need to prioritize. Even my ers understand that I have downloaded weekend, but the main thing is that we were not forgotten why he came here for.

If to speak about the race, I do this road not traveled in combat mode. We need at least 10 laps, to see what and how, and to understand. When I talk with other pilots who have already acted on this route, they say that the road adherence was much better, and it is for very important. However, I think that that is not the route that suits us there are a lot of such curves, where we have problems. I want to warn everyone that not much is expected.

There's always a hope that something will happen, and there will be changes for the better, but it is unlikely.

Question But do you have a plan of action The track is narrow and overtake on it hard.

Petrov Yes, but it used a short configuration, where he was a short, straight. Now the ring is longer, although also, probably, it will be difficult to overtake. However, I think this year it will be easier. So what's the plan we have is always the same to get ahead as much as possible of the guys from our of . They are all not for one year, they went and following this road, and on all others. If I get it, it will be possible to say that we did it.

Question On the previous stage was evident that cars added, but your reason behind what are the causes

Petrov This is not the case. I think Norisring is the only stage at which always looked strong, but we absolutely did nothing with the machine. Our won, because the machine always looked good on the brakes, and on the road do not need a special downforce, there are some braking, cornering, acceleration and again braking.

Question they Say that the machine control differs not only from piloting of formulas, but even other machines body series. What is the difficulty

Petrov first, it is the weight of the machine. The construction itself is different, not the same as in the touring. The car is very sensitive, and when run, any movement of the steering wheel or something, affects the propagation time of a circle. You can either win, or lose a lot.

In is different, there you have the right to some small unnecessary movement, everything is clear, and we need another definition of piloting. In the very light to the rear, and it is not possible to quickly attack in turns. We tried to find the correct settings, but I can't get rid of excess turnability - it is always there. Therefore, the need for high precision flying, and the must feel this face. However, it is not quite oversteer you enter in turn, waiting machine like "sit down", and then rule. I don't know how to explain it, it's very difficult.

I'm on many race cars went, but this is not seen anywhere else, so initially was surprised.

Question How would you evaluate your level of adaptation to these machines There is where to add

Petrov of Course, and we must continue to work with options, because the car is very sensitive to such changes. You little change something, and behavior of the machine becomes very different. If you change two some settings, then get ready for the fact that everything will be either very good or very bad. Such a situation has already happened in the we changed three things and thought in theory did everything correctly, but the car was being unpredictable.

While the s I do not have a little of that feeling machine, so I can precisely tell ers here need to be changed a little, and then everything will be as it should. In races easier you go and just work on your clarity of piloting, often passing circles faster companions. But in the s do not yet have enough experience.

Question Many s of , having passed in the has not achieved much success. What is the reason

Petrov I don't know, probably not enough forward. I spoke with Paffett, and both spoke "You will be hard, get ready". I never understood why it hard, but now I do. It is difficult to understand how to properly configure the machine as it is properly managed, how to get the missing fraction of a second, because in the very high density results.

Question Maybe too early to ask this question, but still like this series, you would like to continue to act

Petrov pause .Probably don't like when something is misunderstood. In , in principle, everything is clear with the controls and settings, you can change a lot, and I understand, in what direction to move. is also interesting championship, there is a lot of struggle, conflict, contacts between machines, but of course, everyone is trying careful to go, because if you are someone will hook, be ready, that you too podvinut. But the density of the struggle, the voltage level - in the , in my opinion, it is above.

Most of all I like that there are many experienced pilots of , all the professionals of high level, and all deserve respect.

Question let's Talk about command Caterham changed owner. You played in this band, you know the situation from the inside why do you think that Tony Fernandes has abandoned his project

Petrov rs or even on your 's hard to judge what people like Fernandes, buy commands, such Caterham. He really loves the sport, but then, maybe he wanted to earn money or to expand its contacts - I don't know. Perhaps he hoped to attract many - can't say.

Question You mentioned the feeling that you still desire to return to the paddock

Petrov In principle, why not I have everything in order with contacts, I know the conditions, so that at any time you can return to this topic, you can just find the , by the way, not so big. If you really want it, all things are possible.

Question speaking about the situation in the championship who bet on Rosberg or

Petrov Lewis. They are both strong riders, but knowing Lewis in his speeches, the style of piloting, I think that for pure speed, it is ahead of mate.

Question In recent years, Russia has seen many changes related to sports, appeared tracks are the stages of international Championships, soon will be the first . Obviously, this is your merit. How do you evaluate its role in the popularization of

Petrov I think that is still not enough is being done. You can work more efficiently. If we agree with , may be, in Russia there are classes for beginner riders. In fact, I'm not many do, but ready to participate more actively - why not There are a lot of free time that I could devote to the work with children, youth. Would you have the , I would himself take a few talented young guys, maybe event, maybe from other categories, and would open its development program. I this way was passed, you know the situation from the inside, and if I am to talk about this young riders, they will be easier to achieve results.

Question What would you like to say to the on the eve of the Russian stage

Petrov don't expect anything fancy. Importantly, come on race, but do not expect me some striking results. Time is needed for this.

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