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DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

DTM Wittmann won the race, Petrov 18th

r RMG Wittmann won a landslide victory at the next stage of the German touring series , which was held at the nrburgring. Since its main competitor, Mattias ekstrm, dropped out of the race, this success is almost guaranteed to Wittmann title. Three stage before the end of the championship, he is ahead of the Swede on 64 points.

Numerous successes of Wittmann led to the fact that, in accordance with the rules of the series, before the stage, his truck was loaded with the maximum amount of ballast. Because of this she was 20 pounds heavier cars , and 10 kg - Audi. However, Wittmann became the sole representative of the , which was able to break in the final part of qualifying, and won the pole there.

In the race he had no equal, taking the lead for almost the entire distance. The two remaining places on the podium was taken by the representatives of Audi. The second was Mike Rockenfeller ahead even at the Edoardo the Mortara, who eventually finished third.

The best representatives of the was , who finished the race in fourth place. Throughout the greater part of the course he pursued the Mortara, but couldn't overtake. At the same time he stopped behind another representative of , Juncadella.

For Mattias Ekstrm weekend at the nrburgring was extremely unsuccessful. In qualifying on podsypaya track he has not had enough time to improve your score, resulting in the Swede has not passed the second part of the session and ed the penultimate. But in the race he was forced to retire due to mechanical problems already after the first round, and now has only a mathematical chance at the title.

For Petrov at the nrburgring was the best in the season, and he ed the race 21-M. Finished Russian in 18th place.




1. Wittmann - RMG - 10942.802

2. Mergenthaler Phoenix Audi - +1.286

3. Abortar - Abt Audi +12.019

4. PDI Resta - HWA +12.815

5. Dhundale - Mucke - +13.717

6. Clitoris - HWA +24.918

7. Mmartin - RMG - +28.921

8. Mtomcat - Schnitzer - +38.521

9. Rwilkins - HWA +43.197

10. Buerlein - HWA +45.377

11. Atamba - Abt Audi +48.071

12. Bsingle - Schnitzer - +49.834

13. Ada Costa - MTEK - +50.150

14. Dhand - RBM - +20.955

15. Dgrin - Rosberg Audi - +52.771

16. Gaffet - HWA +57.056

17. Thlok - MTEK - +58.557

18. Petrov - Mucke - -1 lap

Not classified - 160 - 160

Apertus - RBM - 35 laps

Nmueller - Rosberg Audi - 10 laps

Taider Phoenix Audi - 8 laps

Molina - Abt Audi - 4 laps

Mextram - Abt Audi - 3 circle

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