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Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

Vitaly Petrov I don't like unfinished business

With Petrov we met at the international mobile salon - the first Russian driver in , and now the , takes part in the action AVITO. In an exclusive nonf1.ru told about how it is the season why in the German touring championship is not yet able to demonstrate their speed, and in any series he may be in the near future.

Q , you do not get anything. What is the reason

Petrov Yes, there are still difficulties are unable to cope. I know what the problem is, but it will take time to understand. All the matter in difference cars from the techniques that I've flown all my life. In the formulas, even in the series, I could make a difference and be reconfigured in the car, and in particular this applies to the steering column. In the and , the sensitivity of the steering is quite different when you turn the steering wheel even at large angles, the wheels are turning quite a bit. Because of this rotation, you can precisely control the behavior of the machine. Throughout life I have learned to manage these machines. In everything is different here when the wheel is turned just a few degrees of the wheel is greatly clear of the sides. So, you work in a very narrow range, move the wheel to literally millimeters. And my problems are not with the machine and not with the settings, and it is this. We even have experimented with ers, leaving the machine settings the same, but changing the settings of the steering column to those to which I am accustomed. And in the circle immediately improved.

Question why not use these settings in the races

Petrov Because the is, in fact, monasery. There are many limitations, including the same steering columns. Speed in cornering and braking points, I the same as all other pilots, but I lose in stability, clarity of action. Due to the very sharp steering hard for me ideally to go full circle, constantly occurs oversteer. I little more work the wheel than the other, and every extra movement is a waste of time. We compare telemetry, and, say, five turns I drive exactly the same as my companions, but then one mistake and time on the range deteriorates. You lose a tenth, and at this range it will not play. This is not , you can't take a turn better than all the others, because it is perfect passing one and all just try to be as close as you can.

Question What are you planning to do with it

Petrov We tried to change the settings of the machine so as to increase downforce at the rear, but then appeared so strong understeer that lap with a good time, too, was impossible. If you want to stay next year in the , I will specifically t for the s" class="posttag">s on the simulator it work with the steering wheel to try to adapt. If it will I be able to make progress.

Question What is the probability that you will be You are considering switching to another category

Petrov We will soon begin with , it will show. Suggestions there - I am in the ship on races on endurance WEC, and in the rally, but I don't like unfinished business. 'll see.

Question And no desire to try myself in new projects, such as Formula E

Petrov Can open a secret - we negotiated with one of the s on performance in Formula E, in parallel with the championship. However, two phases are superimposed on each other, but this is not such a big problem on them instead of me behind the wheel could get another pilot. We have almost agreed, but at some point due to the pads with a visa, I was unable to attend the s" class="posttag">s, and they called another pilot - in General, did not work. Formula E is an interesting option, and there are strong pilots, many famous s. The sound, however, is funny laughs. Let's see how they will succeed in the first season, and it is likely that he would try his strength in the second. Moreover, it is possible that in a year or two later, one of the stages will be held in Russia.

Question Formula E is an alternative , or you want to perform in parallel

Petrov It was, of course, about parallel performances. Frankly, I cannot understand why in the only ten races. This is very little, and all the while you sit and do nothing. I would like to spend more time on , or to do other things associated with sports - something to do.

Question You said your name in ship races on endurance. Talking about the GT

Petrov No, LMP. I can't tell you the details, because only two weeks will go to the base of the , will hold talks. I will show the car, we will talk, and then we will see.

Question You this championship more interesting

Petrov I don't like unfinished business. This season I have not a lot has happened, a lot hasn't, and I want to prove that it's just a lack of experience. Knowing the reasons, I can deal with these problems. I hope that we will be able to change already in the remaining two races and on to the next season will be much better prepared.

Question Theoretically, performances in and WEC can be combined, because there is too little racing.

Petrov it is Possible, but much depends on the calendar. Although, of course, even if some races are the same, this is not a problem because the wheel will just sit another pilot. The most important thing that were not against it. But I must say that until they go everywhere with us, and were not against performances in Formula E. we Have a very good relationship, and I'm glad they support me so.

Question And if we talk about the rally You were once at the rally and track racing, in fact it was there that he ed his career.

Petrov Yes, played for several years, and I am sure that now I will succeed. I know how to operate the machine and sports spikes and normal. Of course, there is a particular need to fully trust your Navigator, for example, so there is something to work on, but it is interesting. At the end of the season will talk about this with .

Question understand the reasons for your failures in

Petrov it is Important that everyone understands my ers. When we ed to work on the simulator, ers said, "Yes, now we see that you need to manage. Because in the car have s that allow you to see the pilot wheel, and on the simulator everything is perfectly visible.

Question how Much time you will need to adapt to this steering wheel

Petrov I Think in the next season, the situation will improve. On the pre-season s" class="posttag">s this year I worked on understanding the machine, tried to understand this series. But now that we know what the problem is, we'll focus here on steering. All say that the is not important settings of the machine, and that the pilot was the most comfortable driving, so he could take the turns without making unnecessary movements.

Question Theoretically, it is possible to work on the simulator

Petrov actually no, because the simulator gives you only 20 of those sensations that they experience driving a real car. It cannot simulate such oversteer. Yes, it is possible to change the settings, different turns, but there are nuances that can only be dealt on the s" class="posttag">s. On stage we on this too, of course, work - let's see if I will be able to show some progress on Lausitzring.

Question How do you like the championship in General

Petrov It's a good League, but, as I said, in my opinion, there are a few stages. Besides the only thing that I don't like about them is very narrow scope for tactical combat. There is a rule according to which the soft rubber you can drive no more than 50 of the distance of the race. And a soft rubber at two seconds per lap faster than a hard and wear out very slowly. In the end, it is all go in the boxes on the middle distance, no matter what rubber did not , and strategy all exactly the same. I would like to here something has changed - maybe the distance of the race increased, or wear rubber decreased to two pit-stop, and there's some kind of tactical combat. But otherwise all good.

Question "body" size and the review you are already accustomed to

Petrov in the Beginning, when only sat in this car, it was certainly unusual. But now I feel comfortable, I even like it. Probably now have the formula to get used to laughs.

Question Thoughts on the you have left

Petrov We are watching the situation, I know what places in s free, but today it's all about money. If I was a sponsor, I am sure that next year would be appearing in the . But such a sponsor I don't have.

Question And yet, you are pleased with your present life

Petrov I'm not satisfied with their results. Because I understand what the problem is, but can't solve it overnight. The thing is that if you cannot change the settings of the machine, and in my case rail steering, you just need to skatyvaetsja in this championship, to get used to the car. It's real, but it takes a lot of time.

Question aren't you afraid in the end just to lose these few years

Petrov I'm Afraid. Therefore, if you continue to act in , spend all your time on solving problems with steering - I don't want anything more to do on the , yet do not understand. But most likely, next year everything will be much easier and better. Yes and the machine should be stronger.

There are quite specific rules, they are not the same for all, and designer, who took the lead, clamp, do not allow to develop the car. And his competitors, on the contrary, their cars can be improved. The result is that Audi and have added so seriously that far ahead of us, and this year, unlike , performs poorly. But now we got the opportunity to modify the car, and next year will greatly improve. Much is already evident in Lausitzring, where we will bring updates - however, it's unknown whether all of them machines, or only some.

Question machine leader receives additional ballast. How do you feel about the possibility of the emergence of such rules in

Petrov it's Hard to say. Of course, if now the machine Rosberg and Hamilton would be heavier, a little bit equalise the chances. But on the other hand, I am not a fan of such solutions is still better when all are on equal footing. And then, we are in the championship cars now the most difficult, they have 20 kg of ballast more than we do. Nevertheless, Wittmann still all ahead - it feels great machine and it.

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