2014-09-27 17:24:02

Former Formula 1 racers believe Kimi Raikkonen

Former Formula 1 racers believe Kimi Raikkonen

On account of Raikkonen 20 victories, however, the recent Singapore has become the 30th race in a row where the was unable to climb to the top of the podium.

Last weekend the Finnish were again a disappointment, and it all ed on Saturday, when the final , it summed up the machine - failed software that ed only seventh. On Sunday he ed the race well, coming in fifth, but was unable to hold this position and eventually finished 8 In the paddock even rumor has it that differs from machine Raikkonen, because technical innovations primarily accrue to the niard.

However, ex-pilot of , which closely watching the situation for Raikkonen this difficult season, because commenting race for their national TV, I have no doubt in his ability to show better results and return to the podium.

Salo "is still capable of much, but the car this year it did not fit. If next season the car will behave on differently, don't see why that would stop them from fighting for victory.

I don't think has lost faith in their strength. On the contrary. He begins to beat Alonso in qualifying, but in Singapore, where he had the opportunity to show his speed, he again faced with technical problems, which are all messed up".

Barrichello "last year, speaking for , was really good. Now the level of its results is not high. But in qualifying in Singapore, in my opinion, he could even fight for the pole position. Still a few races ago, he did not look so convincing. It begs the question, last year he had a really nice car, or he acted better

Probably the fact that this season very difficult to manage, and wants a machine that is fully consistent with his style of piloting. As soon as he will get the car, behind the wheel of which he will be comfortable, the results will immediately grow. I think he is still one of the best riders, and the thing is, I think, only in the car."

Carl Wendlinger "it's Hard to tell what's going on with Kimi. Last year he definitely was the best. But now it compare with a , and to surpass Alonso is very, very difficult. On the other hand, if the machine was more competitive, then clearly could fight for victory in the race, I don't think he'd have problems.

I guess he's a fast rider, he had always been. But to demonstrate this, to have the right machine."




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