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Formula E Before the start of the first season

Formula E Before the start of the first season

September 13, will begin a new era in the history of . On the streets of Beijing will host the debut race of the Formula E - the first global racing series using the fully electric machines. In anticipation of this momentous event, we will tell about the peculiarities of the championship and its participants.


The idea of professional racing series using machines with electric s was in the air for a long time, because for the past couple of decades the global motive industry pays the electric cars more and more attention. And if twenty years ago it was mainly focused on experimental machines today are sold worldwide each year hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles.

It is not surprising, since theoretically the electric cars more efficient than gasoline counterparts. The efficiency of the is significantly higher than that of the internal combustion . While it is lighter, smaller, easier, smarter, more reliable, safer and quieter. And the only problem hindering the development of electric vehicles, was the battery.

Lead-acid batteries, no s of any chance to fight with internal combustion s - they were bulky, weighed a lot, was getting a little energy. As a result, the electric car was heavy, slow, require large maintenance costs and had limited power reserve. At the dawn of the motive development of electric vehicles and vehicles with gasoline s was parallel, but as soon as the efficiency of internal combustion s has reached acceptable values, they rushed forward.

In 1990-ies on electric cars appeared Nickel metal-hydride batteries, in many ways superior to its predecessors. However, the difference with lead-acid batteries was not large enough. In addition, the Nickel-metal hydride batteries had its drawback, a very serious from the point of view of the motive industry - a high rate of self-discharge, causing the car standing for several days, it was impossible to get.

The revolution occurred after the introduction in the early 1990's lithium-ion batteries. They are lighter and more compact than lead with more energy. Virtually no they and many other disadvantages inherent in the batteries of previous generations - self-discharge and memory effect and so on. These batteries are used on most electric and hybrid cars in the world, as well as in machines WEC, and, of course, Formula E.

The fact that the creation of a fully-electric formula lithium-ion battery is quite real, it was demonstrated a few years ago, after creating racing electric car Formulec - Russian had the opportunity to see him at City in . It Formulec became the basis for the future of Formula E.

About creating a new championship under the auspices of the announced in August . Then it became known that the first race will take place in , and the promoter of the series will be Alejandro Agag, boss Addax series and son-in-law of the former Prime Minister of in Maria Aznar. However, at first, in reality these plans are believed not all. At the end of last year, argued that the championship will not be. Now it is obvious that was wrong.

Features of the

In the first season of the Formula E will be monasteria. Teams will receive identical machine, which was prepared by the company rk Technologies Frederic Vasseur. Vasser is well known in the , founder and co-owner of ART . In fact, however, the contribution of rk Technologies in the construction of the machine is not so great, so the bet was made on the assistance of an experienced and reputable s.

So, the chassis is designed by the famous Italian racing Atelier chassis of this company are used in the majority of European and American formula series, and to WSR and IndyCar. The , transmission, standard electronic control units ECU and all electronic components are supplied Electronic System. Batteries created Advanced Engineering.

In addition, the building was attended by company, supplier of tyres became , as the official technology of Qualcomm. This solution allowed us to create very high-tech, but not too expensive car, with recognizable, thanks to the fairing front wheels and low profile tires, appearance. Its technical characteristics correspond to those that can be seen in the Junior racing series. The delivers maximum power of 200 kW, which is equivalent to 270 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and a maximum speed of 225 km/H.

As in , Formula E is sporting and technical , but they are closely intertwined. So, one of the main features of this series is that during each race pilots will use two cars in the middle of the race the exact time for each route is selected separately will go into the pits and change to another machine. This decision is the result of insufficiently capacious battery, a charge which is not enough for the whole distance.

Another feature of the series is the use of the principle of FanBoost. Its essence is that three of the pilot received from the the grea support on the website and in social networks, in the course of the race will have the opportunity for five seconds to use the increased power of the . The inclusion FanBoost will increase the power by 40 PS, which with a total output of racing mode 200 PS can greatly assist the pilot. However, to spend this increase will have at one time.

Another distinguishing feature of the Formula E - the place and time of the race. The calendar generated by the scheme "autumn-spring", the championship will end on 27 June in . All races will take place on street tracks located in the heart of the largest cities in the world. According to the organizers, this is due to the desire to emphasize that the vehicle is primarily a city car, but in addition will help new championship to collect audience - after all, in order to see the race, s will not have to go to the racetrack.

It is also interesting that in the Formula E, in fact, is not the usual for the classical categories of concept of "weekend" - instead, the series uses the term ePrix similar to . All races, ranging from ting before the race, held in one day. So, for example, in Beijing the free races of the Formula E will begin early on Saturday morning, at 815 local time, the second session will be held at 1030, then 1200 to 1255, will be four qualifying session, and at 1600 1200 GMT the race. While its duration is limited to one hour. Thus, between the first departure of the cars on and the winner will be less than nine hours.

Teams and pilots

Perhaps the most important achievement Alejandro Agag on the post of the promoter of the new season is that he has managed to attract in the championship a lot of strong s and pilots. Suffice it to say that out of 20 riders championship debut more than half had previously acted in the .

The main favorite of the first season will be the e.dams, which is directed by four-time world champion . She is affiliated with well-known European s DAMS, and the title sponsor will be the company. Its pilots will be Nicolas Prost and . It Buemi dominated in most pre-season sessions.

A serious competitor for the Swiss can become another ex-pilot of , . He is no less a professional Abt, supported by Audi. The second pilot is the son of the owner, ABT, well known for youth series.

Another contender for the title - Jerome D Ambrosio, representing the American Dragon . This is interesting in itself, as established by Jay Penske and Stephen Ivalice in 2006. Stephen Ivalice - the head of the world-renowned Seagate Technologies. And father Jay, Roger Penske, the famous American Director of racing for Team Penske. In addition to D Ambrosio, the will be also Oriol Servia, and in some stages may appear Sebastien Bourdais.

In the Formula E there is another American Andretti Formula E, a division of the magazine Autosport Andretti. However, while this has only one pilot Frank Montagna, known for her performances in , IndyCar and "24 hours of ". Who will be his running mate - is unclear. In the first race behind the wheel of the second car will sit Charles, but his for the season is not yet confirmed.

You should pay attention to the Venturi . To her the center of attention, primarily because its owner is a famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has been actively involved in environmental issues. But the has something to boast of and in sporting terms it will be two former F1 driver, and Stefan sarazin. This is a very quick and experienced pilots, on account of which many victories in a variety of series, and there is no doubt that they will be able to Express themselves and in Formula E.

Equally interesting composition and is another attempt to win the racing side of the founder of the Empire sir . Here behind the wheel will sit and Sam bird, well known to European audiences with his performances in .

There is in the League and a few Asian s. So, for will perform ex-pilot of Piquet Jr., and , who have repeatedly taken part in s" class="posttag">s of the . And in the n Mahindra will once again be reunited couple pilots iSport series Chandhok and . Moreover, both have now the experience of .

Worth a watch and Trulli , which will act as . The Italian spent in 15 seasons, on account of his victory At the 2004, and it is not only the oldest but also the most experienced pilot of the championship. Technical support will have a , one of the most successful s in the European youth series. A mate Trulli will be the 27-year-old Italian pilot Michela, Cerruti, recently won the first victory in Auto GP.

In the championship will be another girl - Katherine Legge. She will sit behind the wheel of the machine Amlin Aguri - another , whose founder was the former driver. Moreover, in Amlin Aguri from zero to full management Super Aguri - not only Aguri Suzuki, and mark Preston. From the point of view of the sports results of the main hopes in Amlin Aguri connect with Antonio Felix da Kostas, but first he has to perform will not - it will be replaced by another pilot, familiar to our on the - Takuma and backup pilot will become champion Fabio Leimer.

Calendar Formula E season -

Date - City - Country

13/09/ - Beijing -

22/11/ - Putrajaya -

13/12/ - Punta del este - Uruguay

10/01/ - Buenos Aires - Argentina

14/02/ - will be announced later will be announced later

14/03/ - Miami - USA

04/04/ - Los Angeles - USA

09/05/ - Monte-Carlo -

30/05/ - Berlin -

27/06/ - - UK

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