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Interview readers Felipe Massa

Interview readers Felipe Massa

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the s. In they replied Quat, in , Niko Hulkenberg, - , - Valtteri Bottas in , Jenson button, in - Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, - Jean-Eric Verne.

In to the readers ' questions nonf1.ru replied Massa.

Question Eugene, Saratov Felipe, as you was born the idea of the go-cart race

Massa It was a long time ago. At first I just wanted to organize a go-kart race. Then came the idea to make some event with famous pilots. The result was to combine the two ideas, and we race for ten consecutive years.

The question Alex, Tashkent Felipe, please tell us how is the selection of participants for your go-kart tournament

Massa I invite riders. Just asking who would be interested to come, trying to understand who has the desire, and then we send them an invitation, and deal with their accommodation, buy tickets. The organization is very complex. But everything is possible, if you want.

Question Gunay, Astana, Kazakhstan Felipe, you have a beautiful son. Please tell me, whether all wife and son accompany you

Massa We try to distribute race smiles. I would like to take my wife and my son were with me always, in all , and they try not to miss a lot - especially in Europe. However, for each race they can't come, too many flights, it's hard. When they cannot be with me, visit my parents, my brother. I like to spend time with family. It allows me to feel better. Of course, when I'm in the car, I don't think about them. But I'm glad they are there when I am not driving.

Question Alexander, You and your son are big of . Even you said that you wanted to see his player in the future

Massa I don't know yet. We haven't thought about what will happen next. But honestly, I'm impressed. He has a great talent. I have no idea who he'd been, but I assure you - just not from me laughs.

He is very passionate about. He likes cars, but we focused more on . Watch the game together, we rejoice in the victories of the national of Brazil together experienced failures together. He's a fan. He knows all the players, know all the s, all the colors of all clubs, absolutely everything about . I really like to watch it.

Question Sergei Stavropol Roberto Carlos is your friend. How did you meet and did he talk about Makhachkala

Massa the first time we met him in Brazil, but have become friends already here in the paddock. He loves cars, he often came to the race. We met, became friends. Especially at a time when he played for Real Madrid, and then in Turkey, we were very close. We still talk sometimes, but now to communicate became more difficult. He's a great guy, who loves . If he talks about the time he spent in Russia Probably Yes, but I can't think of anything specific.

Question Ilya, Voronezh Who pilots the best of all plays

Massa I'm trying to play in the of pilots, when they arrange the matches, but for the game on Wednesday Bologna, could not come. The best player of the pilots Many play well. , , probably the best.

Question Ignat, Togliatti How do you Petrov on the field

Massa He is good, Yes.

Question snoring, Important for you to transition in Smedley

Massa I think it is very important for the in the first place. He became one of the key members of the . It helps to change the mentality of the people who work here. He motivates them, puts in the right direction. Definitely, has become one of the key employees. And not only he. We have a lot of new people, which allow the to move forward. But much more remains to be done.

Question Anatoly, Kursk That sir Frank said to you after signing the

Massa He was very happy. I know he wanted to see me in the , what has always said. For me it was very important, because I also wanted to play for . I am glad that everything turned out so.

Question Roma acorn, When you saw your first

Massa First race, which I saw on TV I don't remember. Live I first got the at Interlagos, but I don't remember exactly what it was a year. In 1987 or 1988.

Question Linar, Usinsk Felipe, after several years at , whether you have a little Italian

Massa I have a "little Italian" My family is from Italy. I have an Italian passport. But I really became more Italian in times of performances for .

Question Irina, Grodno Three of your best victory in the .

Massa it's Hard to choose. I would say that this is my first victory in Turkey, the first victory in Brazil, and probably win in 2007 in - it was a great race. But I would also say one for me to win failed. One of the best races I had in in I blew up the in the back, but still it was a fantastic race.

Question Taras, Izhevsk Barrichello running now on TV. What is it like to give him an

Massa In the beginning when he came to , was a bit strange. But I was used to. I understand that it's his job. I think he's doing a great job. I saw him on TV - he's a really good expert smiles.

Question Ivan, St. Petersburg do You see yourself in the paddock after a career in F1 The leader The journalist

Massa Journalist rather no than Yes. Team leader - definitely not. In some other capacity - also, probably not. But let's see what will happen in the future. I haven't finished.

Question Artem, If you had to bet 100 to win the championship, who would you bet Hamilton or Rosberg

Massa I think Niko. I before the of the season for some reason I thought so. Maybe. you Know, if you don't remember what was in the , because what he did there was wrong, but in General, I think he's just more stable. And in this championship stability will be the most important factor. It is more important than to be just faster than the other. One who will score more points, he will win.

Question Alena, Kaliningrad have You ever been in Russia

Massa not Yet. Come for the first time on the race.

Question Alexander Nikolaev Now you are the only Brazilian driver in F1. Brazil without the Brazilian is a disaster. What is the reason

Massa Yes, our racing through difficult times. This applies not only to . Those who's goal is to reach , those who are capable of it, now it is very little.

I remember when I was still quite young, he moved to Europe, then in each event in each series was Brazilian, who fought for the title. Now it is not. Now sometimes in these Championships no Brazilian pilots - not to mention the winners. The situation is very complicated, but the Federation does not help us, and, I think, quickly it is impossible to correct.

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