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Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

Interview readers Pastor Maldonado

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the s. In they replied Quat, in , Niko Hulkenberg, - , - Valtteri Bottas in , Jenson button, in - Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, - Jean-Eric Verne, in - Massa.

In Singapore to readers ' questions nonf1.ru replied Pastor Maldonado.

Question Sergey, Pastor, you were born in the very distant from the country of Russia. What places in your country would you recommend to visit

Pastor Maldonado we Have a lot of places you can go, nature is very beautiful. First of all, the beaches of Los Roques in the North of Venezuela in the Caribbean sea. There is another beautiful island of Margarita. In the South we Amazonian forests - they all know. It is a wild, beautiful place. There it would be interesting to go. Oh and for dessert I would suggest to go into the wilderness Medanos de Corot, look at the dunes, and then for contrast in the mountains of the Cordillera de mrida, where the lies all year round.

Question Gani, Almaty, Kazakhstan do you Feel in Venezuela's national hero

Pastor Maldonado In a sense, Yes. A lot of people are interested in , many are watching me. At home always followed my career, where I have a lot of .

Question Anatoly Zubkov, Simferopol How did your participation in the on the popularity of sports in Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado Very much. The audience in has become much more. People interested in , my performances. Everyone knows what , many people are ill for a long time already for some s, for other pilots. It was popular in the country even before I made it to the championship, but now the interest is even higher.

Question Nikita, Pastor, what is the most unusual gift you have received from your

Pastor Maldonado We get a lot of gifts, but often remember things that people do with your hands. The most unusual is always from Japan. I once gave a ball, where the characters were written my name - I don't even know how to describe it. Every year in Suzuka we get some unusual gifts.

Question Catherine, Stavropol have you Changed your attitude to F1 after the birth of her daughter Whether the work is now in second place

Pastor Maldonado No, it has not changed anything. I became a father in real life, but my work is not affected. Here, on the road, I'm a and have to concentrate on their work. When I'm at home, I am the father, I must take care of her daughter. It's always a pleasure to return home.

Question Galya, You signed in on Twitter bodybuilders, wrestlers and boxers including Mike Tyson You are attracted to martial arts

Pastor Maldonado I am passionate about fitness. We all have a lot of practice. But I like bodybuilding, it is interesting to try different diets that help to maintain physical fitness during the season.

I've lost a lot of muscle mass in the course of the year and began to try to change something in the diet, watch what I eat to recover faster. I read books, recommendations bodybuilders.

Mike Tyson I like it very much. It all swept away in its path.

Question Artem, Volgograd Pastor, many have noted your resemblance to the legendary from the distant past of Tazio Nuvolari. Do you know anything about those heroic times and I would not want you to race in the conditions when the pilot is actually no room for error

Pastor Maldonado Honestly, the first time I hear that I like him - I no one talked about it laughs. Of course I know who he is, this is one of the grea s in history.

Question Linar, Usinsk Pastor, is there a person that inspires you to new achievements - not necessarily in the race

Pastor Maldonado Like many, my father. My family is very important to me. They supported me throughout my career, have always been close. Tried to teach me everything you know yourself. Of course, this is not related to the piloting, but in life the advice of an experienced person is worth a lot.

My father, his brothers took in my life a special place. We Latin Americans. We have a large family, and all my family have worked hard to ensure that I became who I am.

Question Andrew, Simferopol last year, Grosjean was often on the podium, and sometimes fought for victory. This season the situation in developed not for the better. Most of the are afraid that novel and you can lose motivation and quit the . What would you say

Pastor Maldonado I can say that the pilots of are trapped in this championship because bad job, were successful in the youth series. We are used to difficulties and know how to overcome them. is a complex sport. If you remember a few years ago, the was not on the positions, which is now. Today they destroy all but two years ago was hardly able to fight for podiums.

This is not just a difficult sport, it is also extremely hard. If someone makes a mistake, for it is sure to be punished. Here you can have good periods are bad. But I like it. Imagine you can easily win all the races in a row - it is boring Crisis tempers. In difficult times you learn. This is a positive moment. You understand that you can do what you cannot. Not only pilots, but also the . This applies machine design, vendor selection, or something else.

It builds and pilots. You have to deal with the machine, which is very difficult to manage. I understand that this may sound strange, but in our situation it is possible to look on the positive - if you choose the right approach.

Of course, from the point of view of results is nothing good in our current situation there. But we laid out the whole to find even a tenth, despite the fact that we are off by two or three seconds. We continue to work. There is no reason to retreat. Rest assured, we will fight.

Question Dmitry, Ryazan In the offseason, you made a bold move, choosing the number "13". Can not be superstitious man, but in the , in contrast to other sports, this room was strictly negative attitude. I just don't see other explanation fallen down your failures. Do you plan to ask the guide to allow you to change the number

Pastor Maldonado It Is Possible Maybe this will help laughs. Usually I was lucky all the time with this room. In Venezuela it is the usual number, we do not consider it "unfortunate", as in Europe. Honestly, I don't care. I don't have a favorite number. We have a slow machine, not because I chose the number "13". In the Novel a different number, but the same machine.

Question Nikita, St. Petersburg would you Like to sneeze during the race, what did you do if so

Pastor Maldonado it has happened, but I do not recall that this led to some problems.

Question Yuri Novikov, Voronezh Pastor that became the decisive factor in your victory in in Why one car was going so great

Pastor Maldonado I'll tell you first about what was in in - I want you remembered what happened this season.

Remember how we ed the year But all of a sudden in we were very good, and after the race began again problems. I have no explanation.

The same thing has happened with . It is in this race - I don't know why, but we were very fast, very competitive, ing with ting and ending with the last round. Of course, it's not any one factor. Maybe the weather helped us track conditions, the machine worked perfectly.

I will say, many times I have chased in , but never before has there not been won It was my first win on this track. But I can't say that I have some special relationship with "Catalonia", no. Not as in where I won all youth series. I may be faster than others. But not in .

I gave one hundred percent. When we realized that the machine allows you to fight for victory, I said to myself "Maybe this is your only chance to win the race in the . I was on the , which at that time were not accustomed to fight for victory. We had no , no structures, machines and so on. But we won. And it was something special, but not only for me.

Of course, for me this was a special race, because in are hundreds of pilots, but not everyone is able to win the race. But I, first of all, was happy for the . They had been so long won Look the car is now better than in , but wins they have. It is not very easy to finish first in the . But then we have succeeded.

Question semen, Taganrog How scary was because of a fire in the pits after the race in

Pastor Maldonado it Was very scary. We gathered in boxes I and my family together around Frank . He wanted to greet us, to speak. But we heard an explosion in the garage, behind the wall of the compartment, where was the fuel. A few seconds later the fire was everywhere. All ran, began to shout. I am very scared for Frank. One of the mechanics were injured. So that the end of the weekend was not the most positive.

Question Nicholas, Voronezh If you wouldn't have been an F1 driver,what would you be

Pastor Maldonado It's a very complex question. I ed racing in karts at the age of seven. Now I am 29. I spent behind the wheel 22. It's all my life. I can't imagine. I do not know.

Question Andrew, Rostov-on-don Pastor, hi do you Have any Hobbies Please, tell us about it.

Pastor Maldonado I am interested in everything to do with . I love cars, cycles. And, as I said, I like bodybuilding. Not in the sense that I pumped up muscles, no.

Look at me - I'm not like those guys that go to the podium and play muscles. I am passionate about the process of building the body, how they eat, what they do for the development of certain muscle groups, and so forth. This is an interesting sport. Roughly speaking, I like not how they look, but how they work, what they are doing to keep in shape.

Question Igor Mikhailov, is There any chance that you will the of Venezuela

Pastor Maldonado I Hope it will happen soon enough. In the calendar of the new race. We're going to Russia next year in Mexico. Why not go to Venezuela I would love to perform in front of their countrymen.

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