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Oleg Sirotkin Need a politically correct decision

Oleg Sirotkin Need a politically correct decision

Last year it was announced the signing of a between and Sergey Sirotkin, which, among other things, meant extensive technological cooperation and the National Institute of aviation technologies NIAT. The head of this Institute Sergey's father, Oleg Sirotkin.

Since not all implementations of this went smoothly, become the main driver Sergey has so far failed. However, in Sochi will mark his debut in - the Russian will to participate in the first free practice session. In an exclusive nonf1.ru Oleg Sirotkin spoke about the development of relations with and the near future Sergei.

Question in a couple of weeks Sergey first sit behind the wheel of a car in the framework of the . Does it mean something for you

Oleg Sirotkin Certainly so. Sergei is now preparing for the next stage of his career. is the pinnacle of , and every young pilot should strive to get there - otherwise there is no motivation for growth. It is normal international practice, and Sergey follows this practice.

Question How do you see the next step

Oleg Sirotkin Sergey has already participated in several s" class="posttag">s with , earning the right to get a superlicense, all documents for this already. Now we must try to perform the s" class="posttag">s at the end of the year. And then to try in the next season to get into one of the s in .

Question is it, in your opinion, really

Oleg Sirotkin In my opinion - 50 to 50. Here intersects many problems, one of which is unstable position of the s. Not sure that next season they will all be released at the . For example, we work closely with , but they seem to have problems. The second option is a Russian , and we would, of course, wanted to get it in the Russian to support her, to try to help her to rise to a higher position. There are offers from other s, we are now studying. The final decision will try to take closer to the end of the year.

Question Many wonder - how come, last year was loudly announced the , and now you can't hear anything. Why did it happen

Oleg Sirotkin the Situation, in General, trivial. Our program was a two-stage, and its first stage is generally performed. Within its framework, Sergei became a pilot to prepare for the debut in the , to get a superlicense and smoothly integrate into the . But, unfortunately, we don't have time for the prior season to find the required number of . The first part of the program we found funding, and the second one did not, so the debut had to be postponed.

Question You were not able to find the money to this season, but the beginning of the next it would be all right

Oleg Sirotkin In principle, this question is solved, it's not that much money. The country has spent considerable funds on the creation of a unique database in Sochi, including , race tracks built near , Kazan, Smolensk. s is on the rise, the program SMP supports almost 50 young riders, which is very important.

In General, we the world have proven that when a country helps our athletes will be able to earn good points and win. I can cite as an example, aerial sports, where currently about 40 world records belong to the Russian athletes and competitions we usually among the winners. It is also necessary to maintain and - then there would be a complete guarantee that we would be among the best.

Question do you See any progress in this issue

Oleg Sirotkin Yes, the process goes. We have a number of proposals for the support of Sergei, now we are considering them. Plus, this year we made a big step forward in technical support. Because in compete not only pilots, but also technological school. And if Russia does not participate in this competition, what kind of development of the motive industry can be a speech So, in my opinion, it is not only support for the pilot, but also, to some extent, the support of the country.

We believe that the technologies we have a good basis, and that we are within a year or two will be able to bring the car to a competitive level. Few people know about it, but we have already ed the implementation of this program, and a year later everyone will see that many of the issues we face at the highest level. Because the level of fundamental science in Russia - aerodynamics, strength, mechanics, thermodynamics is one of the best in the world. This is evidenced by our aircraft, our space. And I want all of this to use, only need organizational efforts and financial assistance.

Question what kind Of car is it

Oleg Sirotkin we are Talking about improving a car. Our analysis shows that it is not perfect, there are many areas where you can improve. We already know, we have estimated models made on supercomputers. But for all this to implement, we need support.

Question And to a large extent on this support depends on the future Sergei

Oleg Sirotkin Of Course. Here we need, first, hip, and secondly - technical. For example, Sergey is one of the leading riders of . center of high technologies in Russia. Why does not help in solving this problem It's not just the pilot, he is a student MADI, he has the ability to connect to this project a lot of research s. And thus we could prove that we are not just the riders, but also able to create a modern technique that is not inferior to the West. And then it will affect the level of our motive industry.

We have proposals for the establishment of special centres of the motive industry, in order to transfer it to the next level, the so-called fifth generation cars. We are still stuck on the third, despite the fact that the world is already talking about the shape of the car's sixth generation, based on absolutely different principles. Many of the decisions that will be there to apply, you can now see in , and if in that process we do not participate, and in the motive industry will not be able to make progress. So here we need a politically correct decision. But the country has made in this direction is a big step, creating infrastructure, creating a school for young pilots. Now you need to do the third step is to provide technical support. And then Russia will be among the best, I'm sure.

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