2014-09-20 14:54:02

Sochi Circuit" has officially opened

Sochi Circuit

In the framework of the XIII International Investment Forum "Sochi - " was held the solemn opening of the Sochi Circuit - the most modern complex in Russia, where 10-12 October will be the first ever Russian .

Guests of the opening ceremony saw the demo rides and shows with participation of stars of the Russian series of circuit races. The opening was held in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of officials, guests and participants of the Forum.

In exhibition races attended Petrov, Russia's first driver, Vice-champion German Formula 3 Artem Markelov, who ruled machine Russian Time. In addition, saw on pilots RSCG Michael Kryvorizkogo, Andrew Sevastyanova and Anton Zakharov.

Sergey Vorobiev, Deputy General Director of JSC "Center "omega", the promoter of the of Russia "I am Glad to welcome all the participants at the opening of the Sochi Circuit. Very soon he will take the Russian leg of the , we hope that this event will be held at the highest level.

Our worked long and hard over the organization of this event it brought together the best Russian and international , professionalism and energy were the main driving force for the development of Sochi Circuit. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the organization's success and future events.

Sochi Circuit has the most modern infrastructure in the country. I am sure that the circuit will become a popular destination for from around the world. On the circuit it is planned to arrange the annular racing, track days, demonstration races, courses of counter-emergency driving and -drives of new products in the motive industry, as well as to open a school karting and implement various social projects.

Invite all the guests to not only enjoy the atmosphere of the "Royal races", but also to cheer for the Russian pilot of quata in his honor we named tribune T4. Come and support the young and spend a great autumn weekend in the style of .




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